April 2018

Ruth and Boaz – Part 4 (The Final Part)

Start with Part 1 here Confused, nervous, uncertain and scared, I ring her doorbell and it is the enigma who answers. “We had begun to think you would never return,” she says to me. We do not know each other, but I know of her, and she of me. I know she is a rare woman of true virtue, deep love, and profound penetration. I know that the one I love more than anyone loves… Read More »Ruth and Boaz – Part 4 (The Final Part)

Halfbreeds Artwork

See the world of Halfbreeds through the author’s eyes. I’ve created a couple of the iconic images from my novel that stick in my mind. First, here are some I did months ago. Above: Bobakin, in soft chalk pastel Below: Dalimi, in soft chalk pastel I’m very happy with the way these turned out! I feel they get across the essence of their characters. It’s rare that I’m able to do just what I want… Read More »Halfbreeds Artwork

Ruth and Boaz – Part 3

Across the shifting sea I have voyage, to far ports and distant shores. I left not to forget, but to remember. To remember the way I was as a child, not the way I have grown to be a man. I wrote her a letter and sent it on the first ship we crossed. Brief, I told her my intent, and left it at that. To find myself. To learn to love. To remember. After… Read More »Ruth and Boaz – Part 3