I get frustrated with the modern American’s tendency to limit their vocabulary. We have such a beautiful, complex, precise, and rich language, but we treat it with such disrespect, and it saddens me. This is my poetic rant against a limited, four-letter word vocabulary. I don’t usually go on poetic rants, but the frustration just built up inside of me last night until it came out in this: Every’s a yuck Fancy a cluck Suck… Read More »Ruck

A Secret Chord

If the deity cares for music Why shouldn’t you? Will you become yourself A broken shoe? Walk no where, no place to go So stale and, oh, so slow? Deafly turned to visible sounds Deafly blind mysterious rounds Then stop up, voyager, and turn around Your journey is whirring And without sound But I will listen, I will hear Silent sounds whisper near They call and thrum the heartstring bounds And binding, winding to the… Read More »A Secret Chord


Cry beyond the cage of birth Crowding toward the crushing earth Creeping in the soiled skirts Of carnal lust and losing mirth. Laughing loud in loyal love To gain a shred of laughter rough In breathing in the layered lore Of life forgotten and forged l’amour. Loving lust and lousy grime To grovel low in lowest slime Crawling and craving and carving Tomb of craven cries and starving. Cry contrary and contraband! And crowd the… Read More »Lust

Assimilation of Broken Images

Out, out brief candle Out damned spot Hurry up please its time I had not thought death had undone so many. Do you know what it is you read? How can I, if there is no one to explain it me? Understand? If I be the wisest, it is because I know that I know Nothing. I think, but because I exist, don’t mean I understand. Understand. What is that study that leads us to… Read More »Assimilation of Broken Images


The world erupted in flames. It was a small world, barely any bigger than your backyard. In fact, if you grabbed a measuring stick right now and went out to your backyard, and measured it furlong by furlong, you’d find that the flaming world was actually ever so slightly smaller. So for most people, it really didn’t matter that it went up in flames. While you watch the news about the bombings in France and… Read More »Flames

The Barren Garden

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Where barren bones bring no life to straggling gardens, some seeds new and vibrant should be planted. But where do we find such soulful seedlings? Where should we plant our special plantlings? Plant and do not worry, for yesterday has passed away. Plant and rejoice, for tomorrow has a way of coming. Plants aplenty come and go, some regal and some low, but without today last years would be a myth. With today, tomorrow’s a… Read More »The Barren Garden

Sabrina Fair

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I’ve always been curious about this poem. I love the artwork and play/films it has inspired, but I confess that the classic-ness of the poem eludes me. Maybe it’s because it’s John Milton – I’ve never been able to really enjoy him. This poem is nice, and pleasant to read, but it doesn’t stir my heart and wrench my gut like most classic poetry. But I wanted to share it, just to see if, by… Read More »Sabrina Fair

NANOWRIMO Challenge Day 5

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Day 5 already! Even though it’s the 8th of November. 😉 (So I missed a few days over the weekend… oh well. It’ll probably happen again) There was no exercise with the reading today, so I just decided to write five pairs of verse with what I learned.  

NANOWRIMO Challenge Day 4

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Well, this is a bit late in the day, but I’m just proud of myself for actually doing it! I decided to repeat exercise 3 since I had so much difficulty with it yesterday.

Nanowrimo Challenge Day 3

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My nonsensical lines for this exercise, although I kind of failed on the caesuras…😯😑   1) I listen – and I gawk at music played By pianist for famous Bach: concert!   2) She loves – and waits in tower for a lovely man to whisk her – well away.   3) But though he rides beneath, his eyes are cast Unto the weary world and earthen place.   4) Mary, each day, for twenty… Read More »Nanowrimo Challenge Day 3