I am a HUGE fan of T. S. Elliot’s The Wasteland, and one day, I sat down and threw together this piece inspired by the line, “Hurry up please, it’s time.” We never have enough, especially when we concentrate on what’s not important.




Hurry up please its time

Time to hurry, you see

Time don’t offer mercy

Before the clock chimes.


Hurry, hurry

Rush the stuff in the streets

Marry the scary mean treats!

We only have time to scurry.


Up up

To the very top we go

The stop of the skyscraper row

Until we drop…


Please please

The end is nearing

The cars stopped steering

And there’s a dead jangle of keys


It’s it’s

It’s all life’n’death important

All professionally subservient

All falls to bits


Time time

Why don’t we have more?

What was it all for?

I thought it was all mine.


Ghastly charm emits

Lies from its marriages

The chime scurries

It drops dead to bits.

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