NANOWRIMO Challenge Day 2

Stephen Fry’s second exercise:

This was my attempt. It was more difficult than I anticipated, so most of it’s just silly and nonsensical. But it was fun to do!

I think the hardest part was following his command not to rhyme!

  1. I see no reason to exclaim or cry
  2. The little bird has only bent her wing
  3. The back bears pack of heavy load and I
  4. Sink low and carry more than I can bear
  5. Meticulous and crazily I jerk
  6. Reading and books are bread and butter to me
  7. And Pluto is a faithful dog to Mouse
  8. Maximus eats apples and crunches nuts
  9. And Mag and Iron keep me fit and well
  10. I brave migraine amid the pits of woe
  11. Bernadette saw a lady dressed in white
  12. Her name I bear and to the lady pray
  13. A sweater warms and chases out the cold
  14. My slippers snug and warmly keep my feet
  15. Samantha had an uncle with a car
  16. The little bear found no more food
  17. The porridge pot would make no more
  18. The agony of wasted time drags each
  19. and all beneath her time encrusted hand
  20. By Merlyn’s magic great and small were wrapped


Artwork Credit: Michelle St. Laurent

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