Mystery Genre

The mystery genre is pretty straightforward. It begins with the main character and the audience not having all the information, and by the end of the movie, they have all the answers.

Some films that fall into this category are,

Sherlock Holmes

Murder on the Orient Express

Rear Window

There are other films that seem to fall into this category, but do not. Such as the Bourne Trilogy, Memento, The Fugitive, and Minority Report. These have mysteries in them, but the main point of the film is that it is an action movie, which is a different genre that I will talk about soon.

In order for the film to be a mystery, the mystery must be the main point. It must be the part of the movie that most consumes and engrosses you, and what controls the action. If there is someone chasing the main character the whole time, then it’s the action that predominates. Because, in that case, the main character is only motivated to solve the mystery because of the chase, whereas in a true mystery, he will be motivated to solve the mystery simply because it is a mystery.

There are not many true mystery films, but there are mystery TV shows. Those abound in plenty! Numbers, Monk, Psych, Castle, Sherlock Holmes, Person of Interest, CSI, and The Good Cop are all mystery genre TV shows.


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