Cry beyond the cage of birth

Crowding toward the crushing earth

Creeping in the soiled skirts

Of carnal lust and losing mirth.

Laughing loud in loyal love

To gain a shred of laughter rough

In breathing in the layered lore

Of life forgotten and forged l’amour.

Loving lust and lousy grime

To grovel low in lowest slime

Crawling and craving and carving

Tomb of craven cries and starving.

Cry contrary and contraband!

And crowd the criers’ crying stand.

Creep upon the crowding crave

And crowing, carnal lust off-stave!

2 thoughts on “Lust

    1. Yeah, it’s definitely one of my less formulaic poems, but it felt right. Like you said – it fits the topic! Lately, I’ve been playing around with words until a theme emerges, and then I edit and rewrite around the theme. It’s been a very fun exercise!

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