17 of the Best of the Ancient Classics (BC)

These are the classical texts I read in high school and college that I actually liked! Full of passion, love, sacrifice, fate, and prime storytelling, they contain deep insights into human life, and I highly recommend them!

What’s the oldest book you’ve ever read? Mine is the Epic of Gilgamesh, but I didn’t like that one very much! 😴😄

1. Homer’s The Iliad

2. Homer’s The Odyssey

3. Sophocles’s Agamemnon

4. Sophocles’s Eumenides

5. Sophocles’s The Libation


6. Aeschylus’s Oedipus Rex

7. Aeschylus’s Oedipus at


8. Aeschylus’s Antigone

9. Plutarch’s Parallel Lives

10. Thucydides’s The History

of the Peloponnesian War

11. Herodotus’s Histories

12. Julius Caeser’s The Gallic


13. Plato’s Meno

14. Plato’s The Symposium

15. Plato’s The Republic

16. Aristotles’s The Poetics

17. Aristotles’s The Politics

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4 thoughts on “17 of the Best of the Ancient Classics (BC)

  1. I loved Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics! And Plato’s Phaedrus! Also, I think Gilgamesh is very fascinating. And, of course, Sophocles’s tragedy about my favorite character from Greek mythology: Prometheus Bound.

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