A World of Real Fairy Tales

Are fairy tales an escape from reality, or a window into a more real world we cannot see? Sulamith Wulfing, a renowned fairy tale artist of the early 1900’s, is reported to have had visions into this deeper reality, and would be far from saying that fairy tales are a world of falsehood.

Her artwork, an incomparable contribution to the world of whimsy and wonder, is an immersion in theological love, heavenly bodies, and pure beauty.

As one of my favorite artists of all time, and a large inspiration on my own writing, I wanted to share her with you! I find her artwork personally compelling, because it deals with human love as an allegory to the spiritual experience, and her pictures of girls having visions while lying in bed speak deeply to me, as someone who has dealt with chronic fatigue syndrome, and spent most of her life in bed, in many hours of prayer.

Here is a collection of my favorites! Which do you love best?

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