The Seven Ravens

The Seven Ravens Source Text Illustrators Allison Reimold Oscar Herrfurth Adrian Ludwig Richter Anne Anderson Mary Alayne Thomas Lisbeth Zwerger

The Seven Swans

So...there is NO fairy tale called The Seven Swans, although I've often referred to it by accident. Turns out, there are several different fairy tales that include the words 'seven' and 'swans', and are all much the same story: "The Seven Ravens," "The Six Swans," and "The Wild (or Eleven) Swans." There's also the story "The … Continue reading The Seven Swans

The Wild Swans

I am currently offering a FREE copy of my poetry book Wonderous Pain. Click here to get your copy! CALL TO ARTISTS I would love to feature artist's work for "The Wild Swans"! Please reach out to me by email, and I will include it here! Contributing Artists:  Disclaimer - None of this art is mine. … Continue reading The Wild Swans


In my blue jeans and tan boots, with my blonde hair pulled into a neat ponytail behind dark glassses, I found myself deposited out of Union Station and blinking in the bright twinkling lights of Chicago.  Encountering one Christmas tree building after another, all lit from base to tip, I walked the three blocks to … Continue reading Transfer

A Cinderella with a Sense of Humor: The Little Glass Slipper

This is Charles Perrault's brilliant "Cinderella," as translated by Andrew Lang in his famous Blue Fairy Book, matched mostly with the original, gorgeously delicate illustrations of Henry Justice Ford. I LOVE Cinderella! As probably my favorite fairy tale of all time, it's fitting that this is the first I completed in this slideshow series. What other … Continue reading A Cinderella with a Sense of Humor: The Little Glass Slipper

The Dove Princess

Once upon a time, a king’s daughter loved dogs as her dearest friends. She had all manner of species about her all the time, and whenever she went for a walk, she always brought at least two with her. She trained the dogs herself along with her brother, who loved them almost as much as … Continue reading The Dove Princess

Ruth and Boaz – Part 3

Across the shifting sea I have voyage, to far ports and distant shores. I left not to forget, but to remember. To remember the way I was as a child, not the way I have grown to be a man. I wrote her a letter and sent it on the first ship we crossed. Brief, … Continue reading Ruth and Boaz – Part 3

Ruth and Boaz – Part 2

The silver light dances across the white tiles of the empty hall. I am brooding, my hand clenched around a statue of dried clay, my gaze fixated unseeing upon the unfinished mural before me. I have not set foot in this room for seven years, and apparently, neither has anyone else. The dust lies heavy … Continue reading Ruth and Boaz – Part 2

Ruth and Boaz – Part 1

The soft light of candles flickered across her shadowed neck. The forgiving darkness of night enclosed the swirls of her skirt. The filmy swirls of hair adorned her bowed head. She was too innocent to be sensual and too sensual to be innocent. Just old enough to know the ways of the world, and just … Continue reading Ruth and Boaz – Part 1

Self-Portrait of a Man over Thirty

I was told to write a self-portrait. Yes, write one. It’s an amusing thought, I think…after all, artists paint self-portraits all the time, so why shouldn't writers write them? These were the questions put to us this afternoon at my bi-weekly night art class with Jane Caulfield. She, a middle aged woman with three children … Continue reading Self-Portrait of a Man over Thirty

Black and White

When a small child gazes with star-filled eyes to the universe beyond her little sphere, she sees briefcases filled with glittering treasure, vacations to exotic places, and good, righteous people who are pitted against corrupt, greedy, monolithic tyrants. She does not understand what is hidden away in the shiny, leather black bag, so she assumes … Continue reading Black and White