May 2017

Wild Flight

Once upon a time, you loved me with a sacred love.You took my shaking hand in yours and led me to the fields of wild birds.The birds nested in the long, still grasses that only waved when we passed through,but we disturbed them with our tread and about our heads they flew.In tumult and splendor and high, shrill callingthey up and in, and in and out, and rising, whirling, falling.Your hand upon my arm, with… Read More »Wild Flight

The Spirit of the Age

Once upon a time, a young lad dreamt of a beautiful princess who was scared and lost in a forest. When he awakened, he was haunted by the memory. He tumbled out of bed, went to his desk, and recorded the dream. As he grew, he often saw the face of the princess in the glowing blue eyes of one of his schoolmates, or the glistening blond hair of another. He never saw all of… Read More »The Spirit of the Age

Snakes and Toads

  The wind howled through the tree tops the dark morning I was born. It raged through our world and whipped fairies about pell-mell. My brother told me it was a sign. You see, I am a curse to my people. Every fairy is born with a special gift for the earth, and usually the gift is beautiful, but mine was terrible. From the very first moment that I opened my wee fairy mouth and… Read More »Snakes and Toads