March 2018

Ruth and Boaz – Part 2

Start with Part 1 Here The silver light dances across the white tiles of the empty hall. I am brooding, my hand clenched around a statue of dried clay, my gaze fixated unseeing upon the unfinished mural before me.I have not set foot in this room for seven years, and apparently, neither has anyone else. The dust lies heavy upon the floor mixed with dirt and stone and dust, and cobwebs of lonely spiders straggle… Read More »Ruth and Boaz – Part 2

Favorite Books!

Hey guys! I don’t usually break the fifth wall – you know how much I love writing a story and just putting it out there. Without commentary, without introduction. But I’d love to hear more from all of you! So I thought I would share a list of my top ten favorite books, and then ask you to comment and share your favorites! I’d love to read them. 😀 Here are mine: Pride and Prejudice… Read More »Favorite Books!

Ruth and Boaz – Part 1

The soft light of candles flickered across her shadowed neck. The forgiving darkness of night enclosed the swirls of her skirt. The filmy swirls of hair adorned her bowed head.She was too innocent to be sensual and too sensual to be innocent. Just old enough to know the ways of the world, and just young enough to not have experienced them.I watched the way her dew-drop earring dangled against her flushed cheek, the way her… Read More »Ruth and Boaz – Part 1

The End of Rebels — and the 1 Disappointment from Dave Filoni

I’m going to take a break today from my usual topics to talk about the ending of one of my favorite TV shows, Star Wars Rebels! With Kevin Kiner’s Season 2 soundtrack playing in the background, let’s settle in to discuss this masterpiece of Dave Filoni. (Spoiler alert!) My family watched the final three episodes last night, and my, what a finish! It lived up to all my expectations! –except in one thing… The finale… Read More »The End of Rebels — and the 1 Disappointment from Dave Filoni