May 2018

Three-Fold Fires without Pain

And when the winds of June And when the cornflowers bloom And when, when earth meets sky in vast array of glorious show, the apple blossoms lie across the fresh-strewn mow, then the rains have passed then the pain is cast then my lying abed has met at last it’s final fresh-strewn grave. Upon the silent, still cement the sun has cast her golden raiment, and if my final gripping pain, is washed and dried… Read More »Three-Fold Fires without Pain

The Smoothie Bar

I was leaning against the counter in a smoothie bar, waiting to meet up with a friend. It was his college campus, not mine, and he had told me to meet him here. I wished we could have rendezvoused at the Newman Center, which is where we had met in the first place, but he was currently avoiding a beautiful, cold-hearted girl who frequented there – drama, dram drama… I shook my head.The shop was… Read More »The Smoothie Bar