June 2018

The Dove Princess

Once upon a time, a king’s daughter loved dogs as her dearest friends. She had all manner of species about her all the time, and whenever she went for a walk, she always brought at least two with her. She trained the dogs herself along with her brother, who loved them almost as much as she did, and they spent all their free-time with them.One afternoon, the princess decided to train one of the newest… Read More »The Dove Princess

Burning Crosses

They think that by burning crossesThe crosses will not bear.But I feel the splinters formingI know the weight is there. How do they not feel?Am I alone in the noticing?Do they think it works –…the cross burning? Do they think the crossesAre for seeing?Do they think that smokeIs for breathing?  Unseen, unseenI cannot cry out.Silent, so silentA voiceless shout –  Read more poetry


 All is empty and plain.The tabernacle unadornedand the rafters oak and all forlorn.  Oh give me the ancient churches long ago,with their sighing organs and windy towers,but with stained saints and adorned spires.  For here in this lonely, empty, sealed church,I am completely desolate.But there, though spooks and whispers,troubled prayer, I had the plaster saintswhen I was desperate.   Read more poetry