July 2018

Morte de Jack – the Fourth Part of the Jack Saga

Read the previous stories first! Jack and the Princess Jack and Princess Rose Rose and the Prince Chapter 1Once upon a time, Jack ruled well and wisely, and made many enemies. All the citizens of his kingdom loved him like their own father, and took a personal interest in all his family affairs. They had rejoiced when his daughter Rose married her wonderful husband Prince Joseph, and they mourned when his snippety, crotetchety, well-meaning mother… Read More »Morte de Jack – the Fourth Part of the Jack Saga

Author Feature – Luster Lexicon

I’m so excited!!! I’m being featured in an Author Spectacle! The Luster Lexicon is a new platform that interviews authors of all different backgrounds, offering them a chance to talk about their work. I’m so grateful to them for choosing me this month! You can find me half-way down the page, #5. Check it out HERE

Shattered Pieces

In shattered pieces on the floor I gazed upon the massive door I heaved upon the blistered knees; with bloodied fists took hold of a burning tree.   Burning, burning crosses and tangled tongues.   With broken voice I begged the truth She spoke around her haggled tooth And showed me a land of filling promise. What land can pierce my blistered solace? Read more poetry


I am a HUGE fan of T. S. Elliot’s The Wasteland, and one day, I sat down and threw together this piece inspired by the line, “Hurry up please, it’s time.” We never have enough, especially when we concentrate on what’s not important.Enjoy!TIMEHurry up please its timeTime to hurry, you seeTime don’t offer mercyBefore the clock chimes. Hurry, hurryRush the stuff in the streetsMarry the scary mean treats!We only have time to scurry. Up upTo the very… Read More »Time