6 Resources that Turned Me into a Better Writer

As I’ve been editing the final draft of my latest novel, Trinian – An Epic Fantasy, the editing process affects the way that I watch and read other stories.
What I mean is, as I edit and pay attention to character development, all I notice when I watch a movie is the character development.
And when I edit plot and pacing, that’s all I notice in the book I’m reading.
My head is so jam-packed with characterization, mounting conflict, increasing stakes, and relatable villains that I feel like I’m going to explode!
I will be so happy when this novel is finally finished, which should be the end of December!
I couldn’t have gotten this far without all the resources I’ve benefited from along the way, so here is a brief list of some of the most helpful writing resources that helped turn me into the writer I am today. I highly recommend all of them!

  1. Shawn Coyne at The Story Grid, especially his podcast with Tim Grahl
  2. Joseph Campbell’s analysis of The Hero’s Journey
    • Although I’ve never read his book, just studying the concept has helped me immeasurably! I love charting various heroes’ journeys!
  3. Writing the Breakout Novel, recommended by Weronika from Lightening Bug (below)
  4. The Lively Art of Writing
  5. Lightening and Lightening Bug’s Blog
  6. The Institute for Excellence in Writing

I’m so grateful for everyone who’s helped me through this process, which has benefited me so much and burned away so many bad habits and thought processes in my writing!

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