December 2018

Avengers Succeeds at Building Trust with Their Audience

Isn’t it a wonderful thing when you can trust someone to tell a good story? I tell you, there’s nothing like trusting your entertainment to someone. You wouldn’t think it would be such a big deal – but it really is! We are only human, and we get upset when a story is told badly. When it’s full of clichés, or the action doesn’t flow properly, or the characters are impossible to connect with… So… Read More »Avengers Succeeds at Building Trust with Their Audience

Coming of Age (or Internal) Genres

So, before I continue on the path of laying out each individual genre in this continuing series [Romance, Action/Adventure, and Mystery], I think it’s good to take a moment to talk about the category ‘Coming of Age’. This is the Internal Genre, where the story is driven by the hero’s personal struggles, rather than a villain they must defeat.By ‘Coming of Age’, I do not mean a teen romance. I’m willing to bet that, when… Read More »Coming of Age (or Internal) Genres

Why Legolas is Unnecessary

Literary Panic So, I called my brother in a literary panic the other day.Let me explain. I have realized that I read books differently than most people. Even, possibly, differently than most authors – though I don’t personally know enough authors yet to confirm this.I like to read in order to hone and perfect my own writing. So I read masters.I tend to avoid anything that is subpar in every way.If something is popular, I… Read More »Why Legolas is Unnecessary