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Hey everyone! My brother Tim and I have been working behind the scenes all summer on an amazing project, and we’ve just launched it!

Welcome to Literary Leviathans, hunting the great white whales of classic literature, a podcast about the great works of literature, what we think of them, and how they have impacted out lives!

There are books that, when you read them, you are changed forever. We LOVE to read, especially the literary classics: books that have challenged thought, culture, and humanity; books that deepen our understanding of life; books that sweep us into a cocoon of beautiful language! We love them so much that we wanted to share that love with you!

So far, we have recorded episodes on 2 Flannery O’Connor short stories, Pride and Prejudice, Fahrenheit 451, The Hobbit, The Little Prince, The Wasteland, Much Ado about Nothing, Little Women, and 1984. It’s a long list, and we’re so excited to bring you all these amazing episodes this season!

Check it out!

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