10 Literary Stocking Stuffers

Have a friend who loves to read? All they want is books, but their shelves are full – they seem to own it all – and you’re stumped on what to get them for Christmas?

You can’t go wrong with these classics!

Even if your loved one already owns it, you’ll still make their Christmas with these beautiful editions of their favorite books!

1. Pride and Prejudice

Not only is this a beautifully bound copy, but the addition of Martha Stewart recipes makes it an absolute gem for any Jane Austen lover!

2. Grimm's Fairy Tales

Every literary lover needs a decorative reference volume for the complete Brothers Grimm, and the illustrations by famous fairy tale artist Arthur Rackham are just a bonus.

3. Great Expectations

The classic must-read Dickens is here presented beautifully as a cloth-bound book. A dream come true for tactile readers!

4. A Christmas Carol

Not only is this a Christmas tale, but it looks Christmas-y too! Plus, open this up to experience the original manuscript layout as it was first published.

5. The Odyssey

Pope Alexander’s lyrical translation of Homer’s Odysseus is a musical read, and a must for any lover of poetry and classics.

6. Treasure Island

N.C. Wyeth’s illustrations of Treasure Island make an exciting story come to gritty, piratey life! If you haven’t seen them yet, buy it – they’re amazing!

7. Tequila Mockingbird

Although not the novel itself, this fun book will please any lover of the classics who likes to read a book while enjoying a good drink. 

8. Brideshead Revisited

One of the most entertaining and richly patterned novels of all time, Brideshead Revisited is here bound in a lovely hardcover copy. This novel is lesser known than most on this list, and you might score a win for your literature loving loved-one by getting them a classic that isn’t yet on their shelves. 

9. The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden with illustrations, hardcover binding, and interactive elements. Literar-ally breathtaking! And cheaper than most on this list.

10. The Princess Bride

At last! The Princess Bride is illustrated! Love S. Morgenstern’s Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure? Then enjoy these gorgeous new illustrations!

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