48 Books to Brighten Your Child’s New Year

Let the Little Children Come to the Classics

While the public education system has, for the past thirty years, been underestimating our children’s creative abilities and progressively dumbing down the required reading in class, a mass of parents have recently displayed an eagerness to have their advanced readers enjoy a far more rewarding venture into the depths of classics and culture.

But where to start? You want to give your child a book that is advanced, but not impossible, and you want to make sure that what they are reading is appropriate. After all, we all know what’s in the YA section of the library…

So you don’t want young adult, or really even adult, literature, but you want a book that challenges your student, nurtures them, and offers more than Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Percy Jackson or The Fault in Our Stars.

No worries! I’ve got your back. I’ve put together a list of 48 books that will keep your young reader engaged and intellectually nourished until he or she has grown up enough to read something more mature. And many of these are absolutely fantastic for reading aloud!

Age-Appropriate Classics for Your Advanced Reader

  1. Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The
  2. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  3. Anderson Fairy Tales
  4. Arabian Nights
  5. Black Arrow, The
  6. Bronze Bow, The
  7. Cheaper by the Dozen
  8. Chronicles of Narnia, The
  9. Chronicles of Prydain, The
  10. Eight Cousins
  11. Ella Enchanted
  12. Enchanted Forest Series, The
  13. Fairest
  14. Giver, The
  15. Good Master, The
  16. Good Wives
  17. Grandma’s Attic Series
  18. Grimm Fairy Tales
  19. Heidi
  20. Hobbit, The
  21. Holes
  22. Howl’s Moving Castle
  23. Kidnapped
  24. Last Unicorn, The
  25. Little Prince, The
  26. Little Princess, A
  27. Little Women
  28. Little Men
  29. Lost Kingdom of Bamarre, The
  30. Matilda
  31. Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
  32. Perrault Fairy Tales
  33. Peter Pan
  34. Pinocchio
  35. Princess Academy
  36. Princess Bride, The
  37. Princess and the Goblin, The
  38. Rose in Bloom
  39. Secret Garden, The
  40. Singing Tree, The
  41. Series of Unfortunate Events, A
  42. Through the Looking Glass
  43. Treasure Island
  44. Two Princesses of Bamarre, The
  45. Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The
  46. Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
  47. Witch of Blackbird Pond, The
  48. Wrinkle in Time, A
48 Classics to Brighten your Child's Reading in the New Year

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