Behind the Fairy Tale Blog:

Those Old Books People

Inundated in Narnia, Middle Earth, and Florin as a child, Elizabeth loves the good old stuff of long ago, like Austen and Tolkien. When not slaying monsters with the pen, she co-hosts the ‘Old Books People’ Literary Conversations with her brother Tim.

“The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.”

– Tolkien

She is the author of two fantasy novels, Halfbreeds and Trinian, and has three more novels currently in the works.

“Fate, the master of the heavens, watched his round glass watch as it ticked eleven, and with its final, fateful chime, the last age of the mortal world began.”

– Trinian | An Epic Fantasy

Elizabeth is a Story person

“Ever heard of Plato? Aristotle? Socrates? Morons.”
– The Princess Bride
Ok, not really. In fact, Timothy loves to discuss philosophy and story theory! He reads poetry, classic literature, and writes his own stories, and co-hosts the ‘Old Books People’ Literary Conversations with his sister Elizabeth. He also loves to find all the T.S. Eliot references in Mumford and Sons songs.

“I think it was T.S. Eliot who talked about good poetry being felt before it’s understood. I believe that. There are some bands where I love their lyrics but I don’t have a clue what they’re on about.”

– Marcus Mumford

Tim is a Connections person.



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