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At the Fairy Tale Blog, it is our goal to help readers approach, understand, and enjoy the classics. We seek to offer refreshing perspectives on mythical stories, offer insight into the structure and journey of great storytelling, and help people find the classic that is just right for them!

What are Classics?

Classics are works of art that have either 1. stood the test of time and still resound as loudly in our own day as they did when first created or 2. are new, but have already created a strong impact on society (i.e. ‘an instant classic’)

At the Fairy Tale Blog, we are concerned with the Literary Classics, the books that have shaped the world. We are wary of books that have been published within the past 5 years since it is difficult to say if such books are classics, so please do not submit reviews on anything that has been published in the last 5 years.

What to Submit

There are several types of articles/stories that you can submit to The Fairy Tale Blog:

  • Classic Book Intros
  • Articles
  • Reading Journals
  • Your Book for a Review

Classic Book Intros

There are very strict guidelines for this category. It is the most important thing we do here, and we want to keep the information consistent for our readers, so please read the guidelines carefully. We appreciate it!

  1. Only write a review on a book that is at least 5 years old. But 500 is better – we love old books!
  2. Include these elements: a quote from the book, short personal anecdote about your experience reading it (for example: story of the first time you read it, what you thought, and how you felt), what number book it is on the 5-Star Reading System, brief description of the book without spoilers (think back cover book blurb), link to excellent edition on Amazon, link to a good librivox recording (if available), link to Project Gutenberg edition, excerpt of Author Bio from, and a compilation of images to include with the post
  3. Download and use the Book Review Template, to keep track of the above

Email me at with your submission

Book Review Template

Book Intro

Read a Book Intro to see what we’re looking for

What is the 5-Star Reading System?

This is important! It’s how we categorize books around here. Click here to find out!


We love articles that help people read and understand the literary classics and that tell about your own experience reading classics, and how it has changed your life.

These article structures are open to interpretation. Send us an article about reading the classics, and if it is well-written and child-appropriate, we will publish it!

Email me at with your submission

Reading Journals

Making your way through a long and intense leviathan of a book? Keep us updated weekly with your progress! We like to share the experience of reading the literary classics, so your thoughts, insights, confusion, and anecdotes are of great interest to us. Plus, our readers would love to hear them! You do not need to worry about spoilers – just give us your insights without a filter (except remember to keep it child appropriate).

For an example, check out my Moby Dick Reading Journal

Email me at with your submission

Your Book for a Review

I only accept a few books, once in awhile, for a free review, and I have strict guidelines for what I accept.

  1. It must be fiction
  2. It must have a strong, confident voice
  3. It must have been published with strict attention to grammar and detail
  4. It must demonstrate a mastery of language on the part of the author
  5. It must have been inspired by, or written as a response to, a great classic author or literary work

For example, if it is a fantasy, perhaps it was inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien? If so, please specify in what ways his work inspired your own, and how you responded to him. What themes did you address in your own work, and how does that relate to him?

I will not accept this explanation: “I’ve always loved Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings. It inspired me to create my own fantasy world, and here it is!”

It must be more like this: “The idea of several sentient races sharing a world has always intrigued me. Tolkien implies that one race must eventually out-live all the others, but I wondered why that is, and if it is possible to co-exist with other sentient species. It is a question I explore in my new novel, A Tide to Turn the Races.”

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