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In the time before smart phones, in that now forgotten time, when life was simpler, because not everyone was online, in the green city of Bartlett outside of Chicago, a little girl would visit her Grammy. It was a time of Easters that were sunny and Easters that were windy, Easters where girls with bowl cuts and frilly floral dresses were flung about in the wind and collected colored eggs worth forty cents. But most… Read More »Impressions

The Winter of 2018

It was the winter of weepingAs they all cried out “Me too!” “Me too!”In a vale of tepid tearsOver self-inflicted sufferingWhile the root of it all, the curse of it all,Was in their deepest yearningTheir heart-sick, unheard cries forReal love, full love, true loveA love beyond their comprehension.

The Blue Box

Though the current was steady the bulb on the low ceiling throbbed. The gray walls wavered like a room under water and the window in the center of the wall was too bright for her to see. On the wall stood tall an unlocked door that could open to a colorful world, but she was trapped apart, a prisoner in her own flesh. The walls throbbed, the light brightened and she closed her eyes, but… Read More »The Blue Box


I get frustrated with the modern American’s tendency to limit their vocabulary. We have such a beautiful, complex, precise, and rich language, but we treat it with such disrespect, and it saddens me. This is my poetic rant against a limited, four-letter word vocabulary. I don’t usually go on poetic rants, but the frustration just built up inside of me last night until it came out in this: Every’s a yuck Fancy a cluck Suck… Read More »Ruck

A Secret Chord

If the deity cares for music Why shouldn’t you? Will you become yourself A broken shoe? Walk no where, no place to go So stale and, oh, so slow? Deafly turned to visible sounds Deafly blind mysterious rounds Then stop up, voyager, and turn around Your journey is whirring And without sound But I will listen, I will hear Silent sounds whisper near They call and thrum the heartstring bounds And binding, winding to the… Read More »A Secret Chord


Colder than the ice caps Colder than the sea Colder than the shriven cornstalks Shivering ‘mong the scree Cold now is our country Cold now are our men Colder are the children Cold as a dying breed When women walk the coldness And their husbands walk away When children haunt the houses That shiver and cast away Then colder than the coldness Are frozen hearts and ears Then colder than the darkness That wails when… Read More »Colder


Cry beyond the cage of birth Crowding toward the crushing earth Creeping in the soiled skirts Of carnal lust and losing mirth. Laughing loud in loyal love To gain a shred of laughter rough In breathing in the layered lore Of life forgotten and forged l’amour. Loving lust and lousy grime To grovel low in lowest slime Crawling and craving and carving Tomb of craven cries and starving. Cry contrary and contraband! And crowd the… Read More »Lust


With a glance behind and gaze to fore I pushed myself beyond the door Door that closed upon my past And now the future die is cast Cast to breaking on the shore Shore that’s breaking on the floor Floor of deep embedded beads That time has wrought to sandy seeds Seeds mix and jumble up inside My newfound person stepping wide Wide the round and fertile earth a promise – a paean – of… Read More »RISE

Assimilation of Broken Images

Out, out brief candle Out damned spot Hurry up please its time I had not thought death had undone so many. Do you know what it is you read? How can I, if there is no one to explain it me? Understand? If I be the wisest, it is because I know that I know Nothing. I think, but because I exist, don’t mean I understand. Understand. What is that study that leads us to… Read More »Assimilation of Broken Images


The world erupted in flames. It was a small world, barely any bigger than your backyard. In fact, if you grabbed a measuring stick right now and went out to your backyard, and measured it furlong by furlong, you’d find that the flaming world was actually ever so slightly smaller. So for most people, it really didn’t matter that it went up in flames. While you watch the news about the bombings in France and… Read More »Flames