Reflecting on The Two Towers where Frodo dreads the pain of Mordor, in the same way as Christ dreads Golgotha

Frodo to Mordor and Christ to Golgotha

By Elizabeth Russell Frodo to Mordor Frodo mounts the peak of a stony crag and gazes across the expanse to the overshadowing gloom of Mordor. “’Mordor!’ he muttered under his breath. ‘If I must go there I wish I could come there quickly and make an end!’” The Two Towers I am currently listening to the Tokybook.com audiobook/audio-drama of The Lord of the Rings (which I highly recommend!), and when I got to that part,… Read More »Frodo to Mordor and Christ to Golgotha

4 Christmas Classics You MUST Read

Some classics are obviously Christmas themed, while others on this list merely bear a passing reference to them, but all these books are imbued with the ‘spirit of Christmas present’ deep in their pages and, like Scrooge, live that spirit all year round! 1. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe In an unending winter, Father Christmas brings hope where there is none; and yet, in the true christian spirit, he can only come to… Read More »4 Christmas Classics You MUST Read

Literary Fantasy Character Quiz

How well do you know these famous literary fantasy characters? After you submit your results, check your email to see what your score is! 25 or Lower Oooh! You must be a reading newbie. You need to stock up on some more fantasy literature. 🙂 50-75 Not too shabby. You’ve got the makings of a real classics aficionado! 😉 You might just want to indulge in the classics a bit more with some literary podcast… Read More »Literary Fantasy Character Quiz