Sister Studios

A sisterly collaboration to bring beauty into the world...

We are 3 sisters inspired by beauty, art, and writing. We seek to fill the world with wonder, and be the best creators we can be! 


Age 26, and an author of poetry, novels, and short stories, you can buy her books or check out samples of her work.


Age 16, Rebecca draws, paints, and creates charming cards for all occasions! She also loves to bake, read, write, and help Elizabeth hash out her novels.


Age 12, Anna's passion for art is boundless. She loves to discover new mediums, challenge herself with new pursuits, and always be creating!

See below the beautiful artwork done by Rebecca and Anna for Elizabeth’s latest novel, Trinian | An Epic Fantasy!

King of Drian, by Rebecca
The Egotistic Maid, by Anna
Watcher of Drian, by Rebecca
The Maid of Drian, by Anna
Hope, by Rebecca
Passion, by Rebecca
A Cottage Grown, by Anna
The Gorgan, by Anna
A Generous Prince, by Anna
Joy, by Rebecca
The Sweetest Nian, by Anna
Melcant, by Anna

See below the artwork done by Elizabeth for her own debut novel, Halfbreeds.