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Three Ways to Use Adjectives

I’ve written several ‘How To’ articles before, and I mean to keep up the trend! I’ve written about sentence structure, descriptions, etc., and now, I’m tackling adjectives! How to write concise and direct descriptions Descriptions are only as good as the words that go into them. I’ve had it pointed out to me recently that I tend to write in triplets of adjectives, which I do because I enjoy the sound of it so much:… Read More »Three Ways to Use Adjectives

Freaking out about Publishing

I had a total freak out moment yesterday! I all of a sudden got very terrified – not just about publishing my book, which is scary enough on its own – but about being a writer at all. I’ve heard about writers feeling like frauds, and for the first time, I really felt that!My mom talked me down from the emotional ledge, thankfully. She reminded me of the big picture: of the fact that I… Read More »Freaking out about Publishing

NaNoWriMo – My Failed Week – And Why I Don't See it as a Failure

NANOWRIMO Fail Hey everyone, it’s been almost a week since you’ve heard from me, and I wanted to be honest about why that is, and why I haven’t been keeping up with my NaNoWriMo Challenge.As you may know, I chose not to pursue writing a novel this year – although I’ve done it the past two years. I just finished a novel, and wanted to pour my energies into editing and preparing it for publishing.… Read More »NaNoWriMo – My Failed Week – And Why I Don't See it as a Failure

The Terror and Thrill of Reviewing My Novel

Now that I have enough of Trinian, An Epic Fantasy put together to send into the world for review, I’m getting germinal feedback. I love it! But it’s also terrifying.My sisters, who are geniuses with artwork, have already taken a stab at illustrating a couple characters, and my best friend Sophia has started marking up my first chapter. She says she’s being harsh, and I’m so grateful to her for that! I want the feedback… Read More »The Terror and Thrill of Reviewing My Novel

The Fear of Taking the Next Step

I’ve been particularly struck lately by the power of creativity. The impact you could have on a person’s life by simply being brave and open to self-expression. I used to doubt that word: self-expression. It seemed fabricated, as if people were trying to force something out of themselves that wasn’t there to begin with. Or else were closing in on themselves, self-focusing, and thereby shutting out the world. And while that might be true sometimes,… Read More »The Fear of Taking the Next Step

6 Resources that Turned Me into a Better Writer

As I’ve been editing the final draft of my latest novel, Trinian – An Epic Fantasy, the editing process affects the way that I watch and read other stories.What I mean is, as I edit and pay attention to character development, all I notice when I watch a movie is the character development.And when I edit plot and pacing, that’s all I notice in the book I’m reading.My head is so jam-packed with characterization, mounting… Read More »6 Resources that Turned Me into a Better Writer

How to Increase Drama by Lengthening Sentences

A paragraph with sentences that vary in length is far more powerful than sentences of all the same length.For example,Short: I watched him leave. The pain of his loss squeezed my heart. It burned my skin. I wanted him back. But my pride rooted me to the floor. I was too weak. I lost him.Long: With longing, I watched him leave the room, and the pain of his loss squeezed my heart. It burned my… Read More »How to Increase Drama by Lengthening Sentences

8 Questions to Ask Dead Authors

You know, I get a little too caught up sometimes in dissecting books and trying to figure them out from the inside out, piece by piece. But it’s also important to look at them as a whole. Because even if all the pieces are perfect, that doesn’t mean the whole has turned out great.It’s important, when studying stories, to look at the greats: the old greats, those whose works have stood the test of the… Read More »8 Questions to Ask Dead Authors