A power-hungry god wants to kill the king and take his birthright…

Trinian is a simple soldier who never expected to be king. But when he is kidnapped by the evil god Power, he learns he is the long prophesied ruler of Drian. Thrust into a world of politics and war, Trinian must protect his kingdom from a traitorous sister, giant gorgans, and evil gods. In the end it is Trinian, alone and unaided, who must face off against Power and prepare the world for the coming of the mysterious Golden King.

Though born of evil, they are not demons...

In a village wrapped about with strange monsters and superstition, a new kind of child is born. Half-man half-monster, the villagers fear their own children and, turning against them, burn them at the stake. But a small band of resilient Halfbreeds escape their executioners and take up their home in the wild. In a desperate attempt to find their place in the world, these children question what it really means to be human.

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A Clash of Gods and Men

"Trinian is better even than The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe or The Black Cauldron!”
"There is plenty of adventure and swashbuckling in this epic fantasy.”
Karen Childress
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"I love a good epic fantasy, and this is a fun epic fantasy to read through. If you like to see titanic forces and larger than life characters, this is the book for you.”
L. Messing
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Immerse yourself in a world of wonder

Trinian An Epic Fantasy Novel by Elizabeth Russell
Map of Minecerva - Trinian Novel by Elizabeth Russell
Trinian An Epic Fantasy Novel by Elizabeth Russell