I have been reading Moby Dick for a good two weeks now – a fortnight, as they say – and I think I shall keep a record of my observations as I make my way through. I would like to have it later to look back on, and I’d like to invite you to join me as, each week, I update this journal on what I’ve read, what I think of it, and what I anticipate to come next in the story.

I’ve never read Moby Dick before, and as I read, I realize how little of the story I knew beforehand – all I really know is that Ishmael narrates, (“Call me Ishmael,”) and that Ahab, a renowned whale harpoonist, fights a mighty whale named Moby Dick. And of course, that Ahab is missing a leg, which he lost to a whale. I don’t know if Moby Dick or Ahab wins in the end, I don’t know what happens to Ishmael, and I certainly have no knowledge of any other characters in the story. That is, until I began reading it a fortnight ago.

Please join me in my voyage!

Chapters 1-21

Chapters 22-34

Chapters 35-47

Chapters 48-52

Chapters 53-64

Chapters 65-70

Chapters 70-81

Chapters 82-87