Literary Leviathans

A brother and sister delving into the classic books of literature… Join us as we explore the greatest books of all time! Listen to Podcast

Image courtesy of Culpeo S Fox

Tim, a Shakespeare quoting savage, and Elizabeth, a pen-happy Hobbit, discuss the classics we’ve read, casually delving into Austen, Tolkien, Exupery, O’Connor, and many others! Join us as we squabble, chuckle, and revel in all the classic books that have profoundly touched our lives.

Check out that amazing image of Moby Dick! We’re fans. You can see more by Culpeo S Fox at Deviantart

Love our opening music clip? It’s by Micheal Card, his song “Job Suite,” used with permission.

Available Episodes:

Flannery O’Connor: Everything that Rises Must Converge

Flannery O’Connor: Parker’s Back

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice