Does Emma Watson Like Harry Potter?

Who had a crush on Emma Watson during Harry Potter?

Tom FeltonEmma Watson had a massive crush on Tom Felton “Dramione” fans can start internally screaming now.

Despite Draco and Hermione being mortal enemies in the Potter universe, Watson and Felton always got along quite well..

When did Hermione die?

On April 16, Riddle sets a mountain troll made immune to sunlight on Hermione to kill her. Harry and Fred and George Weasley come help her. They fight and kill the troll but not before Hermione is too gravely injured.

Did Neville have a crush on Luna?

We know at the end of the initial Harry Potter movie series that Neville Longbottom had a bit of a crush on Luna Lovegood, and during the Battle of Hogwarts, sought her out to “confess” to her.

In what movie does Draco kiss Hermione?

prisoner of azkaban movie leave aloneDid Draco ever kiss Hermione? They never kissed each other they were practically haters of each other Hermione even punched malfoy in prisoner of azkaban movie leave alone kissing Hermione wouldn’t even dream of shaking his hand and Hermione hated him a lot.

Which celebrities had a crush on Emma Watson?

Emma Watson’s crush on her “Harry Potter” costar Tom Felton has been well-documented. Watson first opened up about her crush on her costar in 2011, telling Seventeen, “For the first two movies, I had a huge crush on Tom Felton. He was my first crush.”

Did Emma Watson have crush on Daniel Radcliffe?

However, in another interview with an entertainment portal, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint had agreed to have a crush on Emma Watson. … In an interview with an entertainment portal, he had revealed that they met on sets and found an instant connection.

Does Emma Watson quit acting?

Emma Watson’s manager has denied the rumour of the actress retiring from acting. Recently, Emma started trending after a news report claimed that the actress is settling down with her boyfriend and therefore will quit showbiz. Emma Watson’s manager confirmed that she is not retiring from acting.

Who is Emma Watson dating?

businessman Leo RobintonEmma is dating 31-year-old American businessman Leo Robinton, who she reportedly met through friends in 2019.

Who is Tom Felton’s crush?

Tom Felton had a crush on Helena Bonham Carter a.k.a Bellatrix Lestrange. Daniel Radcliffe on Emma Watson. Rupert Grint on Emma Watson.

Does Hermione die?

During the battle of the ministry of magic, Bellatrix kills Hermione.

Did Hermione kiss Draco?

One day, Draco decides to erase Hermione’s memories. … During the Battle of Hogwarts, Hermione and Draco reunite on the room of requirement. That’s a symbolic place for them cause that’s where they exchanged their first kiss, that’s why Hermione recovers her memories but it’s too late since she’s already with Ron.

Is Emma Watson going to stop acting?

Even as fans flooded social media with sad memes and requests for the actor to not quit films, her manager has confirmed that Emma has no plans to retire. As the rumour gained steam, her manager Jason Weinberg said in a statement to EW on Thursday, “Emma’s social media accounts are dormant but her career isn’t.”

Are Harry Hermione and Ron friends in real life?

12 They Are Definitely Friends IRL, But Not As Close As Harry And Hermione. Fans would think that these two would be the closest of any of the actors, considering how much on-screen time they had together.

Who dated in Harry Potter?

3. Bonnie Wright & Simon Hammerstein. Odd couple Bonnie Wright – aka Harry Potter’s Ginny Weasley – and older man Simon Hammerstein have been dating since 2013. Hammerstein owns a series of erotic nightclubs and cabarets in Manhattan and has attracted his fair share of controversy over the years.

Did Emma Watson like being in Harry Potter?

Watson explained, “I love to make people laugh and I love being creative, but there are so many other things I love doing too. I have such a structure when I’m working on Potter. I get told what time I get picked up.

Did Emma Watson date anyone from Harry Potter?

Roberto Aguire. In 2015, Emma began dating the fellow actor after meeting on the set of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It’s unclear when they split.

Why Emma Watson quit acting?

Lately, Watson has been away from the screen. She was last seen in Greta Gerwig’s Little Women in which she shared the screen space with Meryl Streep. It was said that Emma Watson decided to take a step back from acting in order to spend more time with beau Leo Robinton.

Who married Draco?

Astoria GreengrassDraco Malfoy/Spouse

Who is Radcliffe crush?

Cameron Diaz was one of Radcliffe’s earliest celebrity crushes. “I had pictures of her and Drew Barrymore taped to my bedroom wall,” the actor told Us Weekly in 2014. Radcliffe also told BuzzFeed that he “was infatuated with Kirsten Dunst” after he saw her in “Get Over It” and “Spider-Man.”

How did Harry and Ginny get together?

After spending a hefty portion of Half-Blood Prince realising he actually liked Ron’s little sister (and after Ginny spent the majority of her early years fancying Harry and blushing furiously whenever he was in the room), the pair finally did get together, and Harry finally had an ounce of happiness after so many dark …

Who was Emma Watson’s first crush?

Tom FeltonHarry Potter actor Emma Watson has revealed that her co-star from the film, Tom Felton was her first crush. The 21-year-old, who plays Hermione Granger in the hit franchise, says that she fell for Felton, who played Draco Malfoy, while filming the first two movies.