Question: How Do You Say I Love You In Elvish Lord Of The Rings?

What does Meleth Nin mean?

my love’Meleth nîn means my love, by the way.

‘I say yes; I love you, Gimli – son of Gloin.


What is the Elvish word for dragon?

Sindarin has lhûg and amlug. In Gnomish, “dragon” is fuithlug (“a dragon who guards treasure”), lingwir or ulug (plural ulûgin; “she dragon” is uluch, uluchnir or ulugwin).

What is the Elvish word for love?

MelethMeleth is the noun for “love”; compare the difference between Quenya Mélan “I love” as a verbal expression with pronoun, and noun melmë “love”.

Does Google Translate have Elvish?

It functions much like Google Translate. Just type in your words or phrases and the site will provide the Elvish translation. It also has a Tengwar translator, which converts your English words into the beautiful script of the Elves.

What is a female elf called?

Galadriel is called the Elf-lady once. Sam’s daughter Elanor was said to look more like an elf-maid than a hobbit. The name of the grave of Finduilas, Haudh-en-Elleth, means “Mound of the Elf-maid”, and she herself is called elf-woman once. In Tolkien’s levish lexicon, Ellon means “elf-man”, and Elleth “elf-woman”.

What does Mellon Nin mean in Elvish?

my friendNin- way to say ‘My’ like in ‘Mellon Nin’, “my friend”.

What language is closest to Elvish?

QuenyaWhat language is closest to Elvish? Quenya was designed to sound somewhat like Finnish, while Sindarin was designed to sound somewhat like Welsh. References to Elven Latin refer to Quenya rather than Sindarin, due to the case system of Quenya.

How do you say beautiful in Elvish?

vanimelda adj., said to be “the highest word of praise for beauty”, with two interpretations that were apparently considered equally valid and simultaneously true: “beautiful and beloved” (vanima + melda, with haplology), i.e. “movingly lovely”, but also “elven-fair” (fair as an Elf) (vanima + elda).

What does penneth mean in Elvish?

ridges, group of downspenneth 0. S. noun. ridges, group of downs.

What Elvish does Legolas speak?

SindarinSindarin is the most common elvish language, and would be what Galadriel, Elrond, and Celeborn speak regularly. Thranduil was also Sindarin, and spoke the Sindarin language in his home (though not necessarily in public, at least during his early period in Mirkwood.) Legolas definitely speaks Sindarin.

What is the Elvish word for Starlight?

ithildin[edit] Etymology Tolkien stated that ithildin is a Sindarin name, meaning “moon-star(light”), “moonlight” or “starlight”.

How do you say hello in Elvish Lord of the Rings?

I don’t speak Quenya….Some useful Elvish word and phrases.HelloS SuiladLit. ‘greeting’, can be used in most situations.HelloS Mae govannenLit. ‘well met’, used when meeting someone, but not in written messages.Friend/FriendsS Mellon/MellynA fitting start to a written message to one / more than one person.5 more rows•May 31, 2002

How do you say goodbye in Elvish?

The Quenya word namárië is a reduced form of á na márië, meaning literally “be well”, an Elvish formula used for greeting and for farewell. “Namárië” is the longest Quenya text in The Lord of the Rings and also one of the longest continuous texts in Quenya that Tolkien ever wrote.

How do hobbits say hello?

Greetings and Goodbyes “Your good health!” “Hallo! Hallo!

What does Aragorn say to Arwen in Elvish?

Arwen: “Lasto beth nin, tolo dan na ngalad.” “Hear my voice, come back to the light.” Aragorn: “Dartho guin Beriain. Rych le ad tolthathon.”