Question: Is Monster Better Than Death Note?

What made Death Note so good?

It was a really great anime.

The story, suspense and the characters are really great.

Even though Light was considered to be a villain I kinda supported Light’s idea (except becoming a God).

L was my favourite character in the series..

Is the Monster anime scary?

It’s not scary in the “typical horror” sense, but rather in how it explores the evil side of humanity. It’s definitely more of a psychological thriller.

First all of why I didn’t watch it , the main reason is animation style , Monster anime’s animation style was not the one we see usually … rather to be precise I didn’t like it … (back then only anime I saw were your name , your lie in April and garden of words kind of stuff) ….

What is CC real name?

Her real name is Yuki Shiroi (snow white) in Japanese. Lelouch used a word play right after he repeats her name (muted by the sound of a water drop) to say that he likes her name, saying: “C.C.

Is Lelouch smarter than light?

According to me Lelouch would have been more intelligent than Light Yagami. Firstly Lelouch was an emotional person who set about to make the world a better place for his sister Nunnally by going against his own father, the king. He was able to hide his identity as Zero fir quite a long time through his tactics.

Is Monster a anime?

Monster has been critically acclaimed, with the manga winning several awards, and its anime adaptation called one of the best of the decade.

Is Monster strike worth watching?

Its not a show for everyone, all i can suggest is giving around 30 mins of your time with it. Characters are quite basic but likeable if you dont get to bothered with these types of characters, it has epic battles but due to the run time they don’t last long, but there are a good number of them.

Where can I watch Monster Anime 2021?

For legally watch Monster anime, visit website like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.

Is Naruto worth watching?

Naruto is worth watching the non fillers. First 100 episodes of the original series was an awesome experience and most of Shippuden was amazing.

Is Death Note inspired by monster?

Both are psychological thrillers. While in Death Note there is heavily influenced by the supernatural, Monster is more realistic, and could even happen in real life. … Both these compelling thriller animes, have morals. Hidden in the characters past, or beliefs, even the plot, there are morals.

Is there an anime better than monster?

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is also known for being a well-loved anime with each episode unraveling mysteries and secrets that’ll keep fans engaged. If one loved Monster’s plot and characters, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood will satisfy them.

Is Code Geass better than Death Note?

Overall storywise and in execution, Death Note is better. Code Geass was entertaining for sure but it was getting tiring in Season 2, especially during the China arc. Characters: Light Yagami and Lelouch Vi Britannia. Both of them were well written characters.

Why Monster is a masterpiece?

Monster is a masterpiece. You can truly connect with every character. You’ll see a person on screen for, at most, five minutes, but they’ll have more depth to them than the main protagonists of other anime. You’ll feel overwhelming sorrow whenever someone is killed after only one episode.

Does Tenma die in Monster?

By the time Tenma left, the two walked hand in hand like father and daughter. Tenma his fate had already been decided. The individual killed himself right after.

Did Johan die in Monster?

If we compare this ending with that of picture book, Tenma is the monster/boy at the end of the book as the two major characters in the whole show are Tenma and Johan, Johan is dead at the end and all of Johan’s work and his life resides within Tenma who is the last standing boy/monster.

Why Death Note is the best anime?

Originally Answered: Why is the craze about Death Note being the best anime ever? First thing is that the characters light and l have been given a very detailed character. Because its plot is both unique and amazing, and everything else about it is either good or decent. Also, it’s short, so even casuals can watch it.

Is monster the best anime ever?

Aside from massive pacing issues, it’s arguably one of the best anime ever made. Aside from massive pacing issues, it’s arguably one of the best anime ever made.

Is Death Note overrated?

Death note is very well-thought too. But I do notice that Light started being less brilliant in season 2. So overall, it is quite overrated because some parts of death note are not as interesting as others and are just mediocre. However, I think that the other episodes make up for it because they are brilliant.

Why is Monster set in Germany?

The Japanese medical industry was strongly influenced by the professional practices in Germany, thus it seemed natural to the author to set Monster in Germany. Post-war Germany was chosen so that the neo-Nazi movement could be included in the story.

Where can I watch Naoki Urasawa’s Monster?

Watch Naoki Urasawa’s Monster | Prime Video.

How many episodes of Babylon anime are there?

12Babylon (novel series)バビロン (Babiron)Licensed byAmazon Video (streaming) Sentai Filmworks (home video)Original networkTokyo MX, BS11, AT-XOriginal runOctober 6, 2019 – January 27, 2020Episodes1225 more rows

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