Question: What Is Another Word For Traveler?

What does Traveller mean?

A traveller is a person who is making a journey or a person who travels a lot.

A traveller is a person who travels from place to place, often living in a van or other vehicle, rather than living in one place..

What do you call someone who plans?

More neutral but still specific terms include strategist (“Someone who devises strategies”) and planner (“One who plans”). Positive and less specific are prudent, judicious, meticulous, astute, and perhaps circumspect. ( All links: wiktionary)

What is a Traveller girl?

The people of walking. Sometimes called the gypsies of Ireland. They speak of non-Travellers as “the settled people.” Mistrusted for the most part and not well-understood. Nomads, moving in caravans, living in encampments on the side of the road. They are the breeders and traders of some of Ireland’s best horses.

Who is the most famous Gypsy?

The most beautiful gypsy (Top-11)Roma, rightly , considered to be one of the largest ethnic minority in Europe. … Lyalya Chernaya (real name – Nadejda Khmeleva February 15, 1909 g, Nalchik – September 2, 1982, Moscow) – russian actress of the theater “Romen”, dancer, singer of Gypsy songs and romances.More items…

What is another word for Traveller?

What is another word for traveller?passengertouristglobetrottertourerbackpackerholidaymakerjet-setterpilgrimsightseervisitor32 more rows

What do you call a person who loves to travel?

Hodophile – the very word for travel lovers. A Hodophile is “One who loves to travel.”

What is a frequent Traveller called?

itinerant. noun. someone who travels around frequently, especially in order to get work.

What do you call an adventurous person?

daring, daredevil, intrepid, venturesome, bold, audacious, fearless, brave, unafraid, unshrinking, undaunted, dauntless, valiant, valorous, heroic, dashing. confident, enterprising. rash, reckless, heedless. informal gutsy, spunky, peppy, pushy.

What’s the most beautiful word?

The Top 10 Most Beautiful English Words10 Serendipity (n.)9 Petrichor (n.)8 Supine (adj.)7 Solitude (n.)6 Aurora (n.)5 Idyllic (adj.)4 Clinomania (n.)3 Pluviophile (n.)More items…•May 13, 2019

What is travel freak?

Sleeping anywhere, anytime. If you sleep anywhere, you are addicted to travel. From hotels and hostels to bus stations and train stations, there is no stopping you from taking a quick doze.

What the difference between a gypsy a Traveller and a pikey?

Pikey’s most common contemporary use is not as a term for the Romani ethnic group, but as a catch-all phrase to refer to people, of any ethnic group, who travel around with no fixed abode. Among English Romani Gypsies the term pikey refers to a Traveller who is not of Romani descent.