Question: What Is Avatar Rated PG-13 For?

Is Avatar the last airbender OK for a 7 year old?

Avatar has everything that one looks for in a kid’s show: it is child-friendly, ponders deeply about its subject matters, has a straightforward but brilliant fantasy story, and is filled with lots of action.

I highly recommend watching it with your child (if they haven’t already)..

Why Is Avatar a 12?

Avatar is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for intense epic battle sequences and warfare, sensuality, language and some smoking. Members of the Na’vi tribe wear traditional clothing similar to what would be seen in a documentary film about some indigenous groups.

What is the age rating for Avatar?

PG-13Avatar [2009] [PG-13] – 5.7.

Is Lord of the Rings movie appropriate for a 9 year old?

Age 7–9: A great age to watch and read together.

Is Avatar OK for a 6 year old?

Great Movie for Older Kids and Teens I found it really good. It is a science fiction/action movie with lots of special effects. There was lots of action, and quite a few battle scenes. While most of the violence was not too graphic, there was lots of explosions and shots right before people died.

How old do you need to be to watch Avatar?

13The movie is rated PG-13. That means ANY child below 13 can come in as long as he is accompanied by a parent.

Is Avatar appropriate for a 12 year old?

Due to the constant strong language and some moderate violence during the action scenes, we would not recommend this movie for younger children, instead suggesting that an age range of kids aged 10 and over is more appropriate.

Does Avatar have cuss words?

It has a bit of swearing (military characters talking like military characters), and the native Na’vi dress like people tend to dress in tropical climates with low nudity taboos. Really, it comes down to how you think your kids can handle this kind of thing.

How did Aang die?

Being frozen in an iceberg for 100 years while in the Avatar State drained much of Aang’s life energy. … Ultimately, it resulted in Aang dying at the relatively young biological age of 66 since he was in the ice for 100 years, in 153 AG.

Did Avatar Aang have a kid?


Is The Last Airbender kid friendly?

‘The Last Airbender’ is a decent action/adventure movie for kids with some very positive messages although it is likely to prove somewhat dull for those with a short attention span. We feel that this movie should be appropriate for kids ages 6 and over.