Question: What Order Does The Cinderella Phenomenon Go In?

What order should you play Cinderella phenomenon?

The recommended order to play the routes as plot can increase slowly but gradually would be as follows :Rod’s Route.Karma’s Route.Rumpel’s Route.Fritz’s Route.Waltz’s Route..

How long does it take to finish Cinderella phenomenon?

Updated:Single-PlayerPolledAverageMain Story88h 09mMain + Extras512h 22mCompletionists3217h 31mAll PlayStyles4515h 17m

Where does Cinderella phenomenon take place?

kingdom of AngielleIntroduction. Cinderella Phenomenon is an otome-visual novel which takes place four years after the Great War in the kingdom of Angielle between the Witches, Fairies and humans.

What is karma curse Cinderella phenomenon?

Karma has the Fairy Tale Curse from Beauty and the Beast. This curse causes any (uncursed, non-fairy or non-witch) woman who sees his face to fall in love with him (Beauty). … He can hold the Beast side back, but it causes him discomfort and pain and keeps him from truly opening to anyone he truly loves.

How old is Rod from Cinderella phenomenon?

RodRod Benedikt WiddensovFairy Tale CurseThe Little MermaidSpeciesHumanGenderMaleAge15 18 (Evermore)15 more rows

Did Cinderella have a curse?

The main heroine, Lucette, is cursed with the Cinderella curse by Delora, a fellow good witch. … In order to break the curse, the cursed would need to complete three somewhat-important good deeds out of the selflessness of their heart.

How do you get the good ending in Cinderella phenomenon?

There is an achievement for reaching a good ending without using it, so go to Settings and turn it off before starting.Rod’s Route. When you have to select your pair, go for Rod (bottom one). … Karma’s Route. When you have to select your pair, go for Karma (top one). … Rumpel’s Route. … Fritz’ Route. … Waltz’ Route.Dec 28, 2019

What is Fritz curse?

Fritz’s Fairy Tale Curse is Little Red Riding Hood. He was cursed by the King’s royal advisor, Mythros, so he could have an assistant to carry out the tasks Fritz would not do.

How do you get karma route in Cinderella phenomenon?

Go right.Ask all questions (or select “I have no more questions” if you’ve already done this before)A/N: If you have played two routes already, you can select “Waltz” or “… … Slap Rumpel. … Go outside. … Just say something to her. … The eyes. … Try to fight them. … Comfort him.More items…•Apr 13, 2017

Does Rod die in Cinderella phenomenon?

Lucette discovers the real ending to the fairytale “The Little Mermaid” and realizes that Rod will die unless he kills the person he loves (Viorica). With this realization, Lucette runs to Rod’s room only to find Emelaigne slowly walking to the throne room.

Is Cinderella phenomenon free?

About Cinderella Phenomenon. Developed by Dicesuki, Cinderella Phenomenon is a free-to-play visual novel, available for the Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. It is an otome, a story-based video game that focuses on romantic relationships.

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