Question: Where Does Lydia Go After You Marry Her?

Is Lydia immortal Skyrim?

She’s never permanently died yet..

Can I get Lydia back after parting ways?

Yes, you can get her back. She just goes back to Breezehome, or Dragonsreach if you haven’t bought it yet. If you want to be really safe, go to Breezehome and dismiss her there, so there’s no chance of her dying or getting stuck on the way home.

Will Lydia still follow if married?

From reading the guidebook: Yes you can marry Lydia. Her marriage requirement is only that you are Thane of Whiterun. She will still come out and adventure with you after marriage.

How do I teleport Lydia to me?

Console command player. moveto 000A2C94 (Lydia’s ref id) will teleport the player to the NPC’s current location. Or you could use the command prid 000A2C94, hit enter and then type moveto. player and Lydia will appear by the player.

Does Lydia stay dead?

Unlike some other followers, Lydia is not essential (immortal), and can be killed without you knowing about it. But with her unlimited arrow supply, heavy armor, and the fact that she appears early in the game, she might be worth the trouble for beginner players.

Where does Lydia go if she gets tired of waiting?

If it just said she got tired of waiting, she’ll go back to wherever you found her (likely your house). If she actually dies, then you can get your gear back off her corpse.

What happens if you marry Lydia?

PC 360 After marrying Lydia, she may exit the Temple of Mara during the ending script of the marriage ceremony. If she is not found outside immediately after exiting the Temple, she will be gone forever.

Can I get a new Housecarl if Lydia died?

Lydia spawns back at Dragonsreach when she dies(where the jarl is located). … Just do a quest where you are given a follower (for example a companion quest) and this will bump your previous follower (living or dead). After the quest is over you will have no follower assigned to you and you can pick up a new one.

Can AELA the Huntress die?

On the other hand, Aela the Huntress is immune to death during a single quest: She cannot be killed while the Totems of Hircine quest is active because of her quest significance. However, once the quest has been completed, she can be killed. Followers can die, you can even kill them yourselves.

Where can I find Lydia if I lost her?

If she died, you will get a courier with a letter of Inheritance. If she’s been dismissed, she’ll probably reappear at wherever she lives. Either in Dragon’s Reach, Breezehome, or any of your character’s home.

Who is the best wife in Skyrim?

Aela The Huntress1 Aela The Huntress The most popular and best wife in Skyrim, according to the community, is undoubtedly Aela The Huntress. She’s a member of the Companions and also a Werewolf, following the teachings of Hircine. She feels great pride over her true nature and is a skilled archer.

Can Lydia become a vampire?

User Info: 2Deux2. Aela is the one spouse you can’t turn into a vampire- in the game she is a werewolf and characters can’t be both vampire and werewolf. It’s important in the game she remains a werewolf as she is the only person who can turn you back into a werewolf if you cure yourself.

Does it matter if Lydia dies Skyrim?

TC, if she dies, she dies. Unless you want to resurrect her each and every time via cheats.

Will I lose Lydia if I join the Stormcloaks?

No. You can have “Join the Stormcloaks” and “Join the Legion” both active at once, but once you join one you get an automatic quest failure for the other one.

How do I know if Lydia died?

Go to the halls of the dead under dragonreach in whiterun, if she died, there will be a coffin there for her. All of the items you gave her (if you did give her anything) will be in the coffin.

What to do if Lydia disappeared?

Try sleeping for a few days-if she’s not glitched, you’ll wake up one morning and she’ll be sitting in your room, drinking your beer. Try adding another follower-there are a couple right in Whiterun. If they say you already have a follower, she’s stuck. If they sign on, she’s either dead, dismissed, or glitched.

How do I marry Lydia?

To marry anyone, you have to speak with Maramel in Riften and do this Skyrim:The Bonds of Matrimony – UESPWiki wear the Amulet of Mara, and go talk to Lydia. To marry Lydia, you have to complete the quest “Dragon Rising” and be the owner of Breezehome in Whiterun.