Question: Who Cries The Most In BTS?

Who in BTS cried the most?

JungkookThe 23-year-old singer and songwriter still get pretty emotional when it comes to his extreme love and appreciation for his members and ARMYs.

But when he was younger, BTS revealed that Jungkook cries very easily..

Who is the saddest BTS member?

#1 suga left his family and gambled his education just to do what he really want to be. #2 He went through anxiety and depression just to reach his dreams. #3he was hated and called for being dark,scary,and having a cols heart.

Who is the most innocent in BTS?

JiminThis could lead us to believe that, being the one who betrays his companions, Jimin is the most innocent, but surprisingly on another occasion he also included himself in such a list.

Why did BTS v cry?

BTS’ V used to cry after seeing many of his trainees leaving that room as he used to develop a great friendship. However, after witnessing it too often, he got used to it and when another person was on the verge of leaving, he used to shake hands and appreciate their hard work.

Who is the scariest when angry in BTS?

A fan once asked this particular question and group member V revealed his ranking on which members he thought were scariest when they were mad. You can check out the ranking according to V below. JiMin apparently is the scariest for V. In second, is J-Hope.

Is Jungkook a billionaire?

Yes, billion. Though BTS is successful and rich as a group, each individual member has their own personal brand that makes each of them filthy rich individually. One member with a crazy net worth is Jeon Jungkook, simply known by his stage name Jungkook.

Who is rich in BTS?

J-HopeJ-Hope is deemed BTS richest member with a net worth of $22 million.

Who is Jimin wife?

Who is Jimin’s wife? BTS’ Jimin is single and unmarried till now. There have been a few link ups but he not married to anyone.

Who is Jungkook’s favorite Hyung?

ARMYs know though, the fact that Jungkook can and does make these playful jokes about Jin surely serves as Jungkook’s actual answer: Jin is the most understanding and loving hyung, especially to Baby JK!

Who was poor in BTS?

Suga, for example, was born into a poor family. During their comeback special in 2017, he said that when he was first starting out during his high school days, he often had to choose between eating and transport. When he bought a US$2 bowl of noodles, he would then have to walk home.

Who is most romantic in BTS?

BTS Once Revealed Why They Believe V Is The Most Romantic Member. V got a little shy when he got picked. While all the BTS members can be romantic, the members believe that V is the most romantic! In an interview, the members were asked to pick the “most romantic” member, and V ended up getting the most votes.

Is BTS Jungkook innocent?

Fans Agree That BTS Jungkook’s Innocent Face Does Not Match His Body. The embodiment of cute and sexy. BTS’s maknae Jungkook is known for his puppy-like visuals, with many commenting that he has a cute and innocent look. Well, at least from the neck and up.

Who has dirty mind in BTS?

At a fan sign, an ARMY asked Jimin to rank BTS on a scale of most to least perverted. He gave everyone a laugh by writing RM’s name in the top three spots… …and J-Hope’s name in the bottom four spots! At another fan sign, however, Jimin ranked himself as the most perverted member by taking the top three spots!

What does Jungkook think of Jin?

Let’s find out what the members truly think about our ‘worldwide handsome’ Jin! Jungkook: “He’s always just joking around, but he’s always working hard by himself. We never really see him practicing when we are around. But he always shows us how hard he has worked through the final product.

Does Jungkook call Jimin Hyung?

It is the Korean version of Mr./Mrs. It is a formal way to address a person. Here Jungkook likes to tease his hyung so he tends to call Jimin that way.

Who is most handsome in BTS?

BTS’s Member Kim Taehyung , alongside being the Most Popular Member of BTS , is now The Most Handsome Man in The World 2020Most Handsome Man in the World 2018 by The Best Poll.Most Handsome K-pop Idol 2019 by The Best Poll.Most Handsome Korean Actor 2018 by The Best Poll.More items…

Who is the crybaby in BTS?

JungkookJungkook suddenly burst out into tears during his ending speech at a concert. He’s the official cry-baby in the group.

Who is Jungkook best friend?

BTS’ V and Jungkook aka TAEKOOK share the most amazing friendship bond on the planet, and here’s proof – watch videosBTS boys are very close to each other. … When whatever you do, it’s always fun. … When you are protective of each other.Jun 3, 2021

How does Jin raise Jungkook?

As the eldest member, Jin looked after Jungkook a lot when he was younger and used to drive him to school, and effectively raised Jungkook, which is sometimes evident when Jungkook shows some of the same mannerisms as Jin (or any of his older group members) he has picked up as he grew up.

Who in BTS has depression?

BTS: Suga has made the most startling revelations in the Rolling Stone magazine interview which included talking about his depression that comes and goes in his life. There is no doubt that BTS’ Min Yoongi aka Suga is one of the most talented members. But like many talented artistes he too struggles with depression.

Who in BTS is depressed?

Originally Answered: Does any BTS member have/had depression? The only member that has been vocal about having depression is Suga. He first revealed his battle with Depression during a radio interview in 2014. He has also mentioned his battle with Depression in songs like Tomorrow,The Last.

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