Question: Who Rules Erebor After Thorin’S Death?

Why did the Orcs want the Lonely Mountain?

Sauron wanted the Lonely Mountain both for its strategic position and strength as a fortress, and I assume Smaug was willing to let Sauron use the mountain for that purpose, even if probably wasn’t willing to let Sauron have any of his hoard..

What happens to erebor after the Hobbit?

Fourth AgeEdit Erebor was a minor place for battle during The War of the Ring. The city took a small hit but it was rebuilt during the Fourth Age with the help of men and all of the Dwarves. With the restoration of the Kingdom under the Mountain the area became prosperous again.

Why are there no female dwarves in Lord of the Rings?

Because of the scarcity of Dwarf-women, their secrecy and similarity in appearance to males, and their lack of mention, many Men failed to recognize their existence. They believed that the Dwarves’ population was only of men, and a legend said therefore that they were ‘born’ by growing out of stone.

Does erebor become Mordor?

From the Lord of the Rings appendices. Aside from that, they are not mentioned because Dale and Erebor are not on the way to Mordor and are uninvolved in the Quest. In the book, Sauron does also send emissaries to Erebor to seek for Bilbo and the Ring. … The Lord Sauron the Great, so he said, wished for our friendship.

Why did Dain become king?

After the death of Thorin in the Battle of Five Armies, Dain becomes King under the Mountain. He redeems the Arkenstone from Bard with a fourteenth of the treasure, which is used to re-establish Dale. Over the next three years, Bard rebuilds the city of Dale and becomes its king.

Is Thorin half human?

TL;DR: Thorin is half-elf, and Fili and Kili are themselves both part elf and half-human. … He was born in T.A. 2746, and when Smaug attacked Erebor in 2770, Thorin was driven into exile with the other surviving dwarves.

How much gold was in Erebor?

This is as much as 9 Olympic pools filled with solid gold. It would weight 16’646’250 metric tons, and would be worth 676 trillion USD.

How long was Smaug in Erebor?

171 yearsSmaug’s first appearance on Erebor was 2,770 years after the start of the Third Age and he resided in the mountain for 171 years, a time span being somewhat similar to Glaurung’s case where he took about 195 years to mature; Glaurung was “yet young and scarce half-grown” in FA 260 while his presumed birth was in FA 155 …

What happened to the lonely mountain after the Battle of the Five Armies?

Dwalin survives the Battle of Five armies, but after their victory, he chooses to remain behind in the Lonely Mountain rather than go to Moria (like his brother, Balin.) He continues to live in Erebor for the remainder of his life, which goes on for a shockingly long time, given his cohorts average life expectancy.

Why is erebor not in Lord of the Rings?

During his time the Arkenstone was discovered, the most prized possession of the Kingdom. His son, Thorin I, later became King under the Mountain but after seeing the wealth of the Dwarves of the Grey Mountains, he abandoned Erebor.

Why is Galadriel so powerful?

Galadriel was always meant to have a very otherworldly quality. She’s among the most powerful elves in the entire realm of Middle Earth, and her power is enhanced by her beauty and her ethereal nature. To heighten this, Galadriel got an extensive amount of special lighting to make her look especially otherworldly.

What happened to the Arkenstone?

The Arkenstone was a wondrous gem sought by Thorin Oakenshield which had been discovered beneath the Lonely Mountain by Thorin’s grandfather Thrór, and then shaped by the Dwarves. The Arkenstone had been the family heirloom of Durin’s folk, but was lost when the dragon Smaug stole the mountain from the Dwarves.

What would happen if Thorin had lived?

Originally Answered: What would happen if Thorin Oakenshield lived? He would have become King Under the Mountain, and the negotiations over the treasure would have been long and disputatious. Dáin didn’t have the Dragon-Sickness and was much more generous.

Do the dwarves retake Erebor?

The Dwarves accomplished their goal! They traveled across Middle-Earth, combating Trolls, Goblins, Orcs, and even the fabled dragon known as “Smaug.” They reclaimed their home of Erebor at the Lonely Mountain, and all seems right in the world.

Do the dwarves die out in LOTR?

Well, as with everything else, Tolkien sadly didn’t have a life long enough to expand much beyond the last days of the Third Age, and information on the Dwarves after the War of the Ring is limited; however, the Dwarves don’t leave. They die out.

Who inherited Erebor?

Dain IronfootDain Ironfoot becomes the king under the mountain. As he is a cousin of Thorin and of the line of Durin, he has the legal right to rule Erebor. He remains King till the War of the Ring, when he dies fighting in front of the doors of Erebor, despite being over 250 years old at that time.

Who took over the lonely mountain?

King ThrórIn TA 2770 with the coming of Smaug, King Thrór was forced into exile until he was later murdered by Azog in TA 2790. In TA 2770 Smaug conquered the Lonely Mountain and forced King Thrór and the surviving Dwarves into exile and became the de facto king until his death.

Why did Sauron attack Erebor?

The Dragon Sauron might use with terrible effect. … A Dragon would naturally be expected to ally with Sauron, so hence Sauron’s interest in preventing the Dwarves from retaking Erebor. This also makes it clear that Sauron’s original intent was to attack Rivendell.

Why didn’t the dwarves fight in LOTR?

Dwarves were never very interested in the well-being of the Middle Earth, they were busy with their own. This was the battle of the men. … The dwarves of Erebor and the Iron Hills could not send an army to Gondor’s aid because they were already fighting for their lives against invasion by Sauron’s forces.

Was Gimli the last dwarf?

No, Gimli was not the last of his kind: the Dwarves of Erebor (the kingdom refounded after the events of The Hobbit) still existed, and Gimli does return to his people after the War of the Ring. … After the fall of Sauron, Gimli brought south a part of the Dwarf-folk of Erebor, and he became Lord of the Glittering Caves.

What killed the dwarves in Moria?

In The Fellowship of the Ring, the title characters discover Balin’s tomb in the Chamber of Mazarbul. Gandalf finds the dwarves’ book of records, and discovers from it that Balin was killed by orcs.