Question: Who Was Elsa?

Who was Elsa Class 11?

Elsa is Albert’s cousin.

She normally lives in Berlin where her father has a business.

She thinks that one can pass the examination simply by learning things by heart and repeating them in the exams..

What was Elsa’s opinion on Albert?

What did Elsa think of Albert? Elsa was Albert’s cousin. She told Albert that she was sure Albert could learn enough to pass the examinations if he tried. She told him that she knew many students more stupid than Albert.

What did Elsa suggest Albert for getting diploma?

Elsa was Albert’s cousin sister. She advised Albert to resort to rote learning and said that children dumber than him had got their diploma.

What was the name of Albert Einstein history teacher?

Answer: Mr Braun, the History teacher asks for Einstein theory of education.

Who was Elsa How did she come into Einstein life?

Answer. Explanation: Elsa was Albert’s cousin who lived in Berlin as her father’s business was there; she believed Albert could learn enough by heart to pass the exams of his diploma. When Albert shared her problem concerning not being able to learn by heart, she said he could learn by heart and pass the exams.

Who married Elsa?

Jack FrostFrozen 2: Elsa and Jack Frost are getting married! The royal Jelsa wedding!

Who was Elsa *?

Elsa was Albert Einstein’s cousin from Berlin whose dad had a business there. She advised Albert to just repeat the lesson in the examination, as and how it was taught in the class.

Who were Yuri and Elsa Class 11?

Answer. “Elsa was Albert’s cousin who lived in Berlin. She believed that one must just learn enough to pass exams. Yuri is a student like Albert and he was his only friend in Munich.

Who was Mr Koch?

Mr. Koch was Einstein’s mathematics teacher. He was a great man, probably who was no jealous of Einstein’s knowledge. He admired Einstein’s knowledge and thought probably Albert would soon be able to teach him.

How did Albert decide to get rid of his school?

Albert didn’t feel at ease at school. After his encounter with the teacher he felt insulted. He decided to get rid of his school by producing a false certificate from a doctor. The doctor was to certify that he had a nervous breakdown.

What book did Elsa see Albert carrying under his arm What did she say about it?

Dear Student, Elsa enquired about the book she always saw Albert carrying under his arm, to which he replied that it was a book on Geology. Elsa was amazed at him giving time to a book that wasn’t taught to him.

Who were Albert Einstein parents?

Hermann EinsteinPauline EinsteinAlbert Einstein/Parents

How long did Albert’s father want him to attend the school for?

QUESTION:- How long did Albert’s father want him to attend the school for? ANSWER:- Albert’s father want him to attend the school until he completes his diploma.

Who was Yuri?

Yuri was a student of the medical school who was senior to Einstein. He was the who introduces Albert to Dr. Ernest Weil. … He helped him so that he can come out of the school.

Did Albert Einstein have a child?

Eduard EinsteinHans Albert EinsteinLieserl EinsteinAlbert Einstein/Children

Who is Elsa What does she think is enough to pass the exam?

Elsa was Einstein’s cousin who used to live in Berlin where her father had his business. She believed that one must learn just enough to pass exams. She observes that one does not have to know anything or understand what is being taught but just be able to repeat it in the exams.

Who was Elsa Where did she live?

BerlinElsa was Albert’s cousin. She lived in Berlin. Her father was a businessman.

Why was Albert miserable in school how did he plan to move out of it?

Albert was miserable in school, where his teacher detested him for not adopting the conventional method of rote learning, and at the place where he lived. To escape the torture at school, he had a plan. He wanted to get a doctor’s certificate that declared he had had a nervous breakdown and was unfit to go to school.

How did Albert fare in mathematics?

Albert liked his maths teacher Mr. Koch,as he felt that he was the only person who understood Albert.. He studiedmaths with so much enthuziasm so much that mr.

Who called Albert in his office?

The next day the head teacher called Albert to his office. He told Albert that his work was terrible. So he was not prepared to have him in the school. Albert asked if he thought he was to be expelled.