Question: Why Did Melkor Turn Evil?

Was Sauron more evil than Morgoth?

Morgoth is the more evil of the two.

Sauron was corrupted by Morgoth – while still complicit in his fall, it was ultimately not entirely of his own volition.

Morgoth existed within universal goodness and divine love and still became fallen, inventing the the very concept of falling and evil in general..

Where is morgoth now?

Morgoth was finally pinned down at his stronghold, Utumno. After a long siege, the Host of the Valar finally captured him, exiling Morgoth, who was at the time still known as Melkor, to the Halls of Mandos. After spending three ages there, he was let out by Manwe, chief among the Valar.

Who is the most powerful person in Lord of the Rings?

SauronEven at a fraction of his full strength, Sauron is undoubtedly the strongest character in The Lord of the Rings. As a Maia, there’s a good reason the people of Middle-earth fear his return, risking their lives to destroy the One Ring and prevent Sauron from reclaiming his former glory.

Is Sauron an elf?

Originally Answered: Is Sauron an elf? No, he was a Maia of the race of the Ainur. At the beggining, when Eru created the Ainur, he created 2 types of Ainur: The Valar, that had more innate power and understood better the aspects of Eru’s mind (each one of the Valar understood different aspects of Eru’s mind).

How old is Morgoth?

50,000 years old(Morgoth was created before the physical realm of Arda and Middle-earth was established, thus his age is unquantifiable. Assuming a consecutive lifespan, he is at least 50,000 years old.)

Who will kill Morgoth?

Though Feanor never got the chance, the wounds that Fingolfin gave Morgoth in single combat, which left him halt in one foot and in pain ever after, show that his fear was not ungrounded. His fourth reason was that Morgoth knew, from the Song of the Ainur, that he would ultimately be defeated.

Why did iluvatar create melkor?

Originally Answered: Why did Eru Ilúvatar make Melkor so powerful? The quick answer is: because Tolkien was basing it off of Lucifer’s fall. Lucifer was the most powerful of the angels, who fell due to desiring to be God himself. The second most powerful, Michael, then led the angels to Satan’s defeat.

Is morgoth still alive?

Morgoth remains in the Void, unable to return to Arda as long as the Valar maintain their power over it. … He will fight a great battle, called the Dagor Dagorath, against the Valar and their allies, but will ultimately be slain by Túrin Turambar, the Man he cursed.

Is melkor more powerful than Sauron?

Melkor is greater in power than any single member of the Aratar, who are greater than the remaining Valar (ie Vana,Tulkas etc). “With the Valar came other spirits whose being also began before the World, of the same order as the Valar but of less degree.” Sauron is a Maia.

What race is Gandalf?


Is the Arkenstone a silmaril?

The Arkenstone was a Silmaril, probably the one thrown into a fiery pit by Maedhros, and found its way (geologically?) to the north, to be rediscovered by the Khazad of Erebor. Tolkien wrote that the two lost Silmarils would remain lost until the end of Arda. … It is not a Silmaril.

Is Sauron a servant of Morgoth?

Sauron was originally the chief lieutenant of the evil god Morgoth (originally Melkor) who stole the Silmarils from the High Elves. So Sauron was “the servant of Morgoth.”

Why did melkor fear Varda?

We are told in The Silmarillion that Melkor feared the Vala Varda “more than all others whom Eru made”. … Out of the deeps of Eä she came to the aid of Manwë; for Melkor she knew from before the making of the Music and rejected him, and he hated her, and feared her more than all others whom Eru made.

What did melkor look like?

The Ainu Melkor could initially take any shape, but his first recorded form was “…as a mountain that wades in the sea and has its head above the clouds and is clad in ice and crowned with smoke and fire; and the light of the eyes of Melkor was like a flame that withers with heat and pierces with a deadly cold”.

Is Galadriel stronger than Sauron?

No. Galadriel is less powerful than Sauron. Sauron is a maiar, (a sort of angel or spirit, or in this case, demon) He was a Maiar of Aule, but was corrupted by Melkor, also called Morgoth. … Galadriel is an elf, who is very strong, but not stronger than Sauron.

Is Gandalf an elf?

No, Gandalf is not an Elf. While Elves are the Firstborn, the first creatures to be created on Arda, the world of Middle Earth, Gandalf is one of the Maiar, beings somewhat comparable to angels, that were the servants of the Valar, the sort-of gods in the Middle Earth cosmology.

Did Sauron kill Morgoth?

Morgoth though imprisoned poured much of his power into the very matter of Arda just as Sauron did with his ring. … But again Saurons ring is destroyed and his spirit is extremely weak. Morgoth is simply imprisoned. Though he may not be as powerful as he was at the time Eru created him, he is still the strongest Valar.

Who did morgoth fear?

It was said that Morgoth hated and feared the House of Fingolfin the most of the three Houses of the sons of Finwe, and he feared most Fingolfin’s son Turgon, as it was prophesised that from the House of Turgon would his doom come.