Question: Why Does Mrs Hopewell Tolerate Mrs Freeman?

Why did Joy change her name to Hulga?

When she turned twenty-one, Joy turned her name to “Hulga,” taking pride in turning a symbol of what she saw as her mother’s naïve worldview and turning it into something ugly.

To Hulga, religion is a waste of time.

She sees herself as above the typical Christian believers around her, who she sees as blind hypocrites..

Why does Hulga ask Mrs Freeman questions about how her daughter’s boyfriend cured her sty by popping her neck the morning after the Bible salesman has called for Mrs Hopewell?

Why does Hulga ask Mrs. Freeman questions about how her daughter’s boyfriend cured her sty by popping her neck the morning after the Bible salesman has called for Mrs. … Hulga wants to avoid answering her mother’s questions about the Bible salesman.

Why does Mrs Hopewell invite Manley pointer to dinner?

Mrs. Hopewell invites Manley to stay for dinner with them after discovering that the nineteen-year-old Bible salesman has a heart condition similar to Hulga’s.

What does Hulga realize fascinates Mrs Freeman about herself?

“Something about her [Hulga] seemed to fascinate Mrs. Freeman and then one day Hulga realized that it was the artificial leg” (O’Connor 419). … Rather, her comments center on how ill the girl is: “she thrown up four times after supper… and was up twict in the night after three o’clock”(O’Connor 420).

Why does Hulga compare her name to the Vulcan?

Why does Hulga compare her name to the Vulcan? a. … She wanted the ugliest name she could think of. Why does Manly Pointer bring his suitcase of Bibles into the loft of the barn?

Why were Mr and Mrs Freeman dismissed from their previous tenant farming position quizlet?

and Mrs. Freeman dismissed from their previous tenant farming position? Mrs. Freeman is too much of a busybody.

What is the relationship between Mrs Freeman and Mrs Hopewell?

Freeman is Mrs. Hopewell’s tenant and employee, largely in charge of running the farm. She is described as efficient and like a machine, so focused on everything being just right that her previous employer warned Mrs. Hopewell of her nosiness.

Why did Mrs Hopewell hire the Freemans?

Hopewell hired the Freemans because they were the only applicants for the job. The man who served as their reference openly told Mrs. Hopewell that Mrs. Freeman was “the nosiest woman ever to walk the earth.”

What does Hulga’s artificial leg represent?

As something manufactured and wooden, the artificial leg also represents Hulga’s creation of a version of herself that is wooden or emotionless. Her rejection of religion, of others, and ultimately of her true self is embodied in the wooden leg, which becomes a kind of crutch for her unhappiness.

How does Harvey Hill cure Glynese’s sty According to Mrs Freeman?

Harvey Hill He is studying to be a chiropractor, and apparently he cured Glynese’s sty by having her lie down on the seat of the car and “pop[ping] her neck” (55). Harvey sounds like he could be a pretty fun character, but he doesn’t get a walk on role in this story.

What is Mrs Hopewell and Mrs Freeman doing at the end of the story when they see Manley?

In the second-to-last paragraph, Mrs. Hopewell sees Manley in the distance and assumes he’s been selling Bibles to black people who live in woods nearby. This kind of completes the persistent idea of blindness running through the story—Mrs.

Where does Mrs Hopewell keep her Bible?

Hopewell said she keeps her Bible next to her bed. Psst: She was fibbing. Her Bible is actually in storage somewhere. The salesman said he thought that “for a Chrustian, the word of God aught to be in every room of the house” (34).

What was in Manley pointers Bible?

During the date, he persuades her to go up into the barn loft where he persuades her to remove her prosthetic leg and takes her glasses. He then produces a hollowed-out Bible containing a bottle of whiskey, sex cards, and some condoms.

Why is it significant that Mrs Hopewell’s daughter has two names?

It is significant that Mrs. Hopewell’s daughter has two names because Joy is the illusion that the mother has for her daughter. Hulga is the illusion that the daughter has for herself. … The name Hulga characterizes the daughter to be a sort of Frankenstein’s daughter.

Why does Hulga lie about her age?

By lying about her age, she thought she could make herself more attractive to him. This backfired because he did not care about her at all. Age really did not matter in their relationship.

Why do you think Mrs Freeman and Mrs Hopewell are introduced before Hulga?

Hopewell and Mrs. Freeman are introduced before Hulga so that her character can be developed in relation to theirs. By the time Hulga appears we are so alienated by her mother’s insipid thoughts and cliched conversation as Hulga is, so we can sympathize with her somewhat.

Why does O’Connor begin and end the story with Mrs Freeman?

Why does O’Connor make Mrs. … O’Connor has argued that she often employs violence in her stories because God sometimes needs to use violence to make us accessible to grace.