Quick Answer: Are All High Elves Thalmor?

Can you join the Thalmor If you’re a high elf?

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If you are a High elf, the thalmor in the outside areas of the embassy will ignore you, and you can even do a persuasion check to make the bouncer in front of the Solar leave allowing you free entry..

Do the Thalmor treat high elves differently?

No, there are non-Thalmor High Elves and you’re treated like one of those. There is one spot where it comes in handy: infiltrating the Thalmor embassy.

Can you join the Thalmor?

No, it’s not possible. The bigger thing I’d worry about is that the Thalmor have a habit of winding up on everyone’s bad side. … You can, of course, enforce things like the ban on Talos worship and refuse to help some people going against them, but the Thalmor don’t have a proper questline.

Are Bosmer cannibals?

These “Green Pact Bosmer” are religiously carnivorous and cannibalistic, and do not harm the vegetation of Valenwood, though they are not averse to using wooden or plant-derived products created by others.

Can an elf join the Stormcloaks?

Contrary to myth, the Stormcloaks will accept anyone into their ranks so long as they pass the initial test. You’ll hear some bitching about elves from some vaguely Stormcloak related NPCs, but nothing actually stops you from joining.

Do the Thalmor hate dark elves?

They hate everything “impure” (Bosmer and Dunmer) and regard them as lesser mer. The Bosmer are part of the Aldmeri Dominion, but they aren’t really respected. The Thalmor probably hate the Dunmer.

Can you be in the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild?

You can join both of these guilds, and also Mages Guild, Fighters Guild, Psijic Order, Undaunted and Antiquarians Circle. … Note that you’ll need access to DLCs about Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood to join them.

Why does everyone hate the Thalmor?

Most likely the Thalmor tried to kill the dissidents in Valenwood who remained loyal to the Empire. This connects quite well to the story Legate Fasendil tells us. Some people use that to argue that the Thalmor are cruel and need to be stopped.

Do Stormcloaks hate elves?

Most Nords hate elves though, particularly the High Elves, because of the recent war the empire lost against them. Due to this loss, the Aldmeri Domion now controls the Empire, and has imposed a ban on the Worship of Talos. Not only that, the Nords warred against the Snow Elves when they settled northern Tamriel.

Is it worth getting legendary in Skyrim?

From an instant gratification standpoint, there is almost no benefit to making a skill Legendary. You get a little mark in the skill window that indicates how many times you’ve done it(per skill), the perk points you’ve invested in that tree get refunded, and the skill is reset to 15.

What race are the Thalmor?

supremacist High ElvesThe Thalmor are the ruling party of the Aldmeri Dominion, consisting entirely of supremacist High Elves (Altmer) whose goal is to destroy the Empire and end the worship of Talos (who is also known as Tiber Septim, founder of the Empire) and wipe out the human races.

Is Talos a God?

Talos, also known as Tiber Septim, Ysmir, Dragonborn, and the heir to the Seat of Sundered Kings, is the most important hero-god of Mankind.

What happens when you reach level 100 in Skyrim?

Once a skill has reached 100, it can be made “Legendary.” This resets the skill back to level 15, and refunds any Perk points that were spent in that skill tree. … This effectively removes any level cap, since the player can continue to maximize then reset skills an infinite number of times.

Does Skyrim ever end?

An RPG like Skyrim doesn’t have an ending. You make your own ending. You decide when the invisible credits roll. Your character’s story is told as you play and the book is closed when you delete your save and start over or quit playing entirely.

Can you break into the Thalmor embassy?

The Thalmor Embassy serves as a base of operations for the Third Aldmeri Dominion in Skyrim. Before and after, but not during “Diplomatic Immunity,” the main building is impossible to enter legitimately, with no enemies carrying the corresponding key.

Why are the Thalmor attacking me?

Execution Orders are normally issued because of the assault on the Thalmor Embassy in the main questline during the quest Diplomatic Immunity. … The wiki on Thalmor Justicars states: The Justiciars may also attack immediately if the Dragonborn is wearing an Amulet of Talos.

What do the Thalmor think of Bosmer?

The Thalmor are not purely Altmeri Supremacists: they believe in the supremacy of Mer over Men. And they also believe Bosmer “sullied Time’s line by taking mannish wives.” At least according to the Monomyth. They believe the Bosmer are tainted and not at pure as the Altmer.

Should I kill Thalmor Justiciar?

There aren’t any negative repercussions beyond you earning a bountry/angry city guards if you are seen doing it. In fact, killing Thalmor is proven to relieve stress through pure satisfaction.

Where can I get high elf blood?

You can harvest blood from the deceased. A good location for acquiring all except the High Elf blood is Liar’s Retreat, southwest of Dragon Bridge and Chillwind Depths. For High Elf blood, you can simply go to the Thalmor Embassy and kill a Justicar.

Can a dunmer be Dragonborn?

Most of the other races worship Aedra or have Aedric pantheons based off the original ones, I think. I guess I’m sort of struggling with the concept that, of all the races, Akatosh chose a Dunmer to be Dragonborn- the race that commonly practices Daedra worship openly.

Can I become high king in Skyrim?

The only way the Dragonborn could become offically the High King, is through the proper Nord tradition of the Moot. The Dragonborn would need the support of the majority of the Jarls to become High King.