Quick Answer: Are Dark Elves Copyrighted?

Are mind flayers copyrighted?

mind flayers are “product identity”.

They are not trademarked or copyright..

Are drow public domain?

Nope. ‘Drow’ is OGC, so you’re not infringing on WotC intellectual property using it.

Are drow and dark elves the same?

Dark Elves is another name for Drow, however, Drow is not another name for Dark Elves since they show up in different media and fantasy settings with their own look and culture. … Dark Elves also do not usually have a matriarchal society.

Can I write a D&D novel?

Basically, as long as you’re not publishing something offensive or inappropriate (however they define that), you can publish D&D content and pretty much use ANYTHING you want from any published D&D book. You can even use specific settings, as long as those settings are the Forgotten Realms and Ravenloft.

Is Skyrim music royalty free?

It’s always nice, then, to see a creator fully embrace the fandom in the way that Skyrim composer Jeremy Soule just did. Soule recently announced on Twitter that he’s allowing modders and streamers full use of one of his soundtracks at no cost. … Soule clarified that only game-related projects are allowed this free use.

Can drow have black hair?

Drow hair could be stark white, pale yellow and, more rarely, silver or copper in color. … Drow with green, brown, black, amber, or rose-hued eyes existed, but they were rare. Purple or blue eyes indicated surface elves and/or human ancestry. It was possible to read some information in the eye color of a drow.

Who invented dark elves?

Gary GygaxThe drow, as they appear in Dungeons & Dragons, were created by Gary Gygax, who stated that “Drow are mentioned in Keightley’s The Fairy Mythology, as I recall (it might have been The Secret Commonwealth—neither book is before me, and it is not all that important anyway), and as Dark Elves of evil nature, they served …

Is drow copyrighted?

The name “drow” may be trademarked — proper names can be trademarked to prevent their use elsewhere — but the idea of dark, subterranean elves can’t be.

Is Dragonborn copyrighted?

The reason to copyright their “dragonborn” is to prevent third parties from releasing any media or advertising without consent. This way they have legal ownership over their concept. It doesn’t mean you can’t use the word, as seems to be implied.

Is Tabaxi copyrighted?

The race, tabaxi, is copyright Wizards of the Coast. … This wiki lacks the legal rights to publish material that cannot be released under the GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 (see D&D Wiki:Copyrights for details).

Is Owlbear copyrighted?

Orcs, Humans, Tieflings, Drows, Dwarves, Dragons, etc, are all creatures that WotC copied from folk tales or mythology. They are not and cannot be copyrighted. The only things that can be and actually are copyrighted are the creatures that WotC themselves came up with.

Is Tiefling copyrighted?

Let’s assume that the word TIEFLING is a trademark owned by WotC. In D&D, tieflings are a race of demonic humanoid. Tieflings are included in the SRD, so you’re free to create and publish content that includes tieflings. … Yes, WotC could register a word, phrase, or image as a trademark and still include in the OGL.

Are D&D races copyrighted?

The contents of all official D&D publications are copyrighted, with the copyright owned by Wizards of the Coast. However, the concept of dark elves is not at all owned by Wizards of the Coast.

What DND monsters are copyrighted?

These Monsters Are Legally Owned By Dungeons & Dragons (So You Can’t Steal Them)Beholder & Gauth. via ForgottenRealmsWikia. … Carrion Crawler. via ForgottenRealmsWikia. … Displacer Beast. via DnDBeyond. … Githyanki/Githzerai. via Wizards of the Coast. … Mind Flayer (Illithid) via IGN. … Umber Hulk. via DnDBeyond. … Slaad. … Yuan-Ti.May 24, 2020

Can Tieflings get drunk?

It’s painful to anyone else who drinks it, even though the flavor alone is enough to ward someone off. … Tieflings who drink this may cast one additional use of their 3rd level racial spell but only while Drunk or Wasted.

As long as you’re not selling anything, you can do whatever you want with the D&D logo.

Can Tieflings have purple skin?

Tiefling skin generally extends past normal human colours into red or even yellow hues. Tiefling hair was often the same color as human hair as well, though dark blue, red, or purple were also common shades amongst the race.

Are drow Fey?

In the monster manual they are categorized as Fey creatures so that is true in a way but that would also mean that drow would be categorized as Fey creatures too, which they are not.