Quick Answer: Can Gandalf Use The Ring?

What would have happened if Sauron got the ring back?

Regaining the Ring would increase Sauron’s power, in many different ways.

The most noticeable is what you mentioned, it would allow him to see and control the thoughts of the wearers of the Rings – specifically, the Three, since the other Rings are destroyed or in his possession already..

Why can hobbits carry the ring?

The Hobbits represent small, humble, ordinary people. They don’t lust for power or fame, or aspire to do great deeds. Thus the Ring can’t corrupt them in the way that it would corrupt Boromir or Galadriel, although it can make them covet it as a possession. Dwarves were even more resistant to rings.

Why didnt the ring affect Frodo?

The innocence made him more immune to the ill-effects of the ring. Frodo did not lust for power. Gandalf and others use power, so they can easily be deceived by it. But Frodo can not be, because he had no lust for power.

How does Gandalf prove that Bilbo’s ring is the One Ring?

But in the movie, after Bilbo does his vanishing act in his birthday party, Gandalf meets him in his house, and when Bilbo calls the ring his Precious, Gandals says that the ring has been called this before, but by someone else, indicating he knew then that it was the ring.

Why can’t Gandalf use his full power?

It was because he wasn’t allowed to use his powers to influence the affairs of Middle-Earth. That was the condition the Istari were sent on. (Also explains a bit of what the Wizards are and their purpose.)

What if Saruman got the ring?

If Saruman masters the ring, he will have a chance of defeating Sauron. Gandalf and Galadriel both seem to think that they could take the One, and replace Sauron – if they can so could Saruman. The implication is that Saruman has to defeat Sauron. But he cannot destroy him.

Why is Gandalf so useless?

He was forbidden to gain power or hold lordship over people or openly challenge Sauron. The wizards were sent to advise and council all the free folk. This is enough to show that you have not read the books, hehehe. … Gandalf, indeed all of the Istari were not to use their power directly.

What if Galadriel had taken the ring?

Galadriel with the ring would appear supernaturally beautiful and worshipful, so that all she would have to do would be to appear and use the power of her voice to get everyone to bow dowm and worship her as a Goddess of Light and Beauty.

Is Gandalf stronger than Galadriel?

Gandalf the White, or in his true form, is much stronger then wise elf Galadriel in the Lord of the Rings.

Why didn’t Bilbo tell the dwarves about the ring?

If Bilbo was still in the mountain, the dwarves would probably not save him because the dwarves never really wanted Bilbo to go on the adventure with them and all they cared about was themselves. Why doesn’t Bilbo tell the dwarves about he ring? … Bilbo didn’t tell because he wanted to prove himself to the dwarves.

Why did the ring corrupt Smeagol so quickly?

Smeagol was just unlucky – he found the ring when it was most poweful, was tempted early on to commit a very violent act, and did so, thus sealing his corruption. It’s also implied early on by Gandalf, when talking about Gollum, that the type of ‘Hobbit’ he is/was isn’t quite as peaceful a creature as Bilbo/Frodo/Sam.

Why can’t Gandalf use the ring?

Like the other user said, it would corrupt him. To expand on that some, the ring enhances its wearer’s desires and will. Gandalf has a huge desire to help the world and do good, and holds extreme power. The ring would manipulate that and convince him he’s doing good, and he’d probably become as bad as Saruman.

Why can’t Sam carry the ring?

Wild fantasies arose in his mind…..in that hour of trial it was the love of his master that helped him most…he knew in the core of his heart that he was not large enough to bear such a burden. Sam knows he cannot bear the Ring or destroy it.

Who is the strongest Lord of the Rings character?

SauronEven at a fraction of his full strength, Sauron is undoubtedly the strongest character in The Lord of the Rings. As a Maia, there’s a good reason the people of Middle-earth fear his return, risking their lives to destroy the One Ring and prevent Sauron from reclaiming his former glory.

Why did Bilbo lie about the ring?

In the book, Bilbo lies about how he got the Ring. He felt guilty for ‘stealing’ it from Gollum, and so he made up a story about Gollum giving it to him as a present when he won the riddle game. The Dwarves and Gandalf believed him, and he never claimed he lost the Ring in the war.

Who is better Frodo or Sam?

If there is one Hobbit who perhaps displays greater levels of courage and honor than Frodo, it is Samwise Gamgee. In fact, in many ways, Sam is the lead character in the novel. He is the only one who is not affected in any way by the power of the Ring.

What if Gandalf had taken the One Ring?

Gandalf dared not carry the one ring, because he, with so much power and good, could be easily corrupted. If he took the One Ring, he would strive to use it for good, but while trying to, he would be turned by the ring and therefore become evil.