Quick Answer: What Are Synonyms For Inept?

What is opposite of inept?

An inept person is downright bad at something.

The opposite of inept is competent..

What is a inept person?

1 : generally incompetent : bungling inept leadership. 2 : lacking in fitness or aptitude : unfit inept at sports. 3 : not suitable to the time, place, or occasion : inappropriate often to an absurd degree an inept metaphor. 4 : lacking sense or reason : foolish.

What is an antonym for incompetence?

incompetence. Antonyms: ability, aptitude, capability, capacity, cleverness, cogency, competency, dexterity, efficacy, efficiency, energy, expertness, faculty, force, might, power, qualification, readiness, skill, strength, susceptibility, talent.

What is the meaning of incompetence?

lack of the ability, skill, or knowledge that is needed to do a job or perform an action correctly or to a satisfactory standard: to demonstrate/expose/reveal incompetence.

What is another term for accountability?

Frequently Asked Questions About accountable Some common synonyms of accountable are amenable, answerable, liable, and responsible. While all these words mean “subject to being held to account,” accountable suggests imminence of retribution for unfulfilled trust or violated obligation.

What is socially inept mean?

Being socially inept means lacking in skill, competence, or ability in a social setting.

What does morally inept mean?

1. awkward, clumsy, or incompetent. 2. not suitable, appropriate, or fitting; out of place.

How do you know if you’re incompetent?

11 Signs that You Have an Incompetent Manager.They can’t make decisions to save their life. … They refuse to take the blame for their failures. … They try to manage everything through rules. … They don’t share information. … They don’t give credit where it’s due. … They do your job instead of their own. … They only focus on the negative. … They refuse to acknowledge trade-offs.More items…•Sep 15, 2020

Is incompetency a word?

Lack of ability or capacity: inability, incapability, incapacity, incompetence, powerlessness.

What does competent mean in English?

English Language Learners Definition of competent : having the necessary ability or skills : able to do something well or well enough to meet a standard. law : able to take part in a trial.

What is a better word for incompetent?

SYNONYMS FOR incompetent 1 unqualified, inadequate, unfit.

What is the difference between inept and incompetent?

1 Answer. Incompetent implies inability (“not up to the job”) whereas inept could be a judgement on something not being done well on a particular occasion.