Quick Answer: Where Do Drow Go When They Die?

Are drow always evil?

Originally, drow were chaotic evil in alignment.

Beginning with 3rd edition D&D, drow are usually neutral evil.

There have been encounters with non-evil drow, but these are distrusted as much as their brethren, due to their reputation..

Which race has longest DND?

ElvesElves live the longest, with the Drow being the longest living of all the elves having topped 1000.

Can drow grow beards?

Drow do not grow beards. The only time you see them with beards are when gaming companies make ignorant mistakes and give those drow rakish large mustachios like in Neverwinter Nights.

Can drow see in magical darkness?

That part about Drow casting Darkness was rewritten in the PHB too: When you reach 5th level, you can also cast the darkness spell once per day. The only thing which you can use to see in magical darkness is the ‘Devil’s Sight’ ability which Warlocks can get and a few monsters have.

Where do souls go DnD?

When a creature dies, its soul departs its body, leaves the Material Plane, travels through the Astral Plane, and goes to abide on the plane where the creature’s deity resides. If the creature didn’t worship a deity, its soul departs to the plane corresponding to its alignment.

Do elves have souls?

Dieties & Demigods explains that while humans, halfling, dwarves, and half-elfs have souls, elves, orcs, and half-orcs have “spirits.” The major difference between a soul and a spirit is that souls live one life on the Material Plane and then spend eternity in whatever plane their chosen deity resides, while spirits …

What happens to drow when they die?

If a drow does not have the ambition to advance in society, then this is where they remain, toiling away as soldiers, servants, and playthings for the rest. They will die, and Lolth will consume their souls in the afterlife.

Why would a drow leave the Underdark?

A cave in leaves you trapped outside. (Forgotten Realms) Vhaeraun (Masked Lord, The Shadow), the god of drow males, territory and evil activities on the surface, commands/directs your character to leave the Underdark. Stolen away from Drow society and sold as a slave. Driven to conquer new realms for the Spider Queen.

Does drow know Undercommon?

Undercommon isn’t a racial language; it’s the “common” of the Underdark, and better thought of as a trade language of that realm. It’s perfectly appropriate that a drow character might remain ignorant of undercommon (perhaps they have no trade interests). Drow speak Elven (albeit in some evil-sounding accent!)

Is lolth a demon or a god?

Lolth is a demon lord and a goddess worshipped by the drow (some myths propose that she was originally a goddess who was transformed into a demon). She displays formidable power and great cruelty with an affection for arachnids.

Where do elves go when they die DnD?

Elves who are near death long to go there because it reminds them of a time when their souls were actually allowed into the Elven afterlife. But once they die, their soul is reincarnated into a new Elf.

Can an elf become a drow?

The Adventurer’s Guide states that many other Elves turned into Drow as well because of the events in that adventure. Good drow exist but the transformation doesn’t reverse. They remain drow. It actually happened in an instant, in the middle of a meeting of the Winter Council, the elf anti-drow MI6 group.

What DND race has the shortest lifespan?

AetherbornAetherborn (D&D 5e) The Plane Shift: Kaladesh web publication describes the Aetherborn, a magically-created race whose lifespan may be only a few years or months.

Do animals have souls DnD?

All living creatures have souls.

How long do drow elves live?

750 yearsLifespan. The drow had lifespans far beyond those of humans, and comparable with the rest of the elven race. Provided they did not meet a premature and violent end, they could live for centuries. Generally, a drow’s natural lifespan ran up to 750 years, and about 94% of natural deaths occurred before 800 years of age.

Is drow black?

The Drow are actually cave adapted albinos who secondarily acquired the ability to capture hard radiation energy via pigment, which is why they have white hair and pink eyes but skin that is nearly coal black.

Are drow Fey?

In the monster manual they are categorized as Fey creatures so that is true in a way but that would also mean that drow would be categorized as Fey creatures too, which they are not.

Do elves hate drow?

Drow traditionally have a special enmity with surface Elves. Drow and Dwarves don’t really get along very well, but it’s not the same kind of intense racial hatred as with between dark elves and surface elves. … They trade and relate with each other often, something that a Dwarf or surface Elf would never think of doing.