Quick Answer: Why Did Jacob Kill Nadia?

Why does Locke want to kill Jacob?

He needed Ben to spend a life beholden to Jacob, where he would do things at the Man in Black’s bidding, thinking he was working for Jacob but really working for the wrong side.

Ben killed Locke, got the body back to the island, and in the end, he kills Jacob..

Did Jacob want Ben kill him?

Jacob was trying to provoke Ben into killing him, possibly in hopes he would resist the temptation. Jacob was dismissing Ben and truly didn’t care about him.

Does Walt die in Lost?

Walt is one of the five original Main Characters still alive at the end of the series. Walt is also one of the few confirmed Oceanic Flight 815 survivors by the end of the series, along with Zach, Emma, Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Aaron, Hurley, Cindy, Rose, Bernard and Vincent.

Why is Sayid evil?

Sayid was brought back to life by the, “smoke monster.” He was different because he was slowly turning, ”evil.” And a servant of the man in black. He changed because there was a, “darkness growing inside him.” And once it would have reached his heart, he would have been evil.

How does Sayid die?

After this, Sayid lived in the Man in Black’s group in an almost blank-like state. After speaking with Desmond, he broke out of this state and was later redeemed when he sacrificed himself aboard Widmore’s submarine, exploding while carrying the Man in Black’s bomb.

Who killed Sayids wife?

According to The Incident, Parts 1 & 2-Enhanced transcript, Bakir was the one who killed Nadia, indeed. Out all of the main characters. Nadia only met Sayid, Charlie, Locke, Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Miles.

What is wrong with Sayid?

Sayid was infected. Jacob wanted to resurrect him but as he dead the water in the temple was not pure and could not heal, demonstrated by Dogen cutting his own hand. His (and Claire’s) recovery was all about faith. Despite the darkness consuming them, the losties never gave up on them and had belief in them.

Who kills Jacob lost?

The next day, “Locke” tells Ben of his plan to kill Jacob while Ben informs “Locke” of Alex’s threat, to which “Locke” replies by telling Ben to kill Jacob. After arriving at Jacob’s residence at the four-toed statue, the two enter and meet Jacob, who recognizes “Locke” immediately as his supernatural brother.

Is everyone dead in Lost?

But no, they were not dead all along after the plane crashed. The flashsideways scenes depict an afterlife that the characters constructed for themselves due to the fact that their time on the island – which was completely real from start to end – was the most important part of their respective lives.

Does Jacob die in Lost?

Jacob was the thirtieth character to ever have a flashback. Jacob is unique in that his first centric episode was his first appearance and the episode in which he died.

Why does Jacob say help me lost?

The man said to Locke “help me”, referring to being the loop hole that will eventually lead to the killing of Jacob. The ring of ash was to keep Jacob’s brotherin, imprisoned by Jacob. When Ilana & Bram visited the burned down cabin they realized that the black ash was disturbed and that the Man in Black has escaped.

Does Locke die in Lost?

It is then revealed that Locke is in fact dead and the Smoke Monster has been impersonating him since his return to the island. Locke is later buried near the original beach camp, and his eulogy is given by Ben, who calls Locke a man of faith and a better man than he’ll ever be.

What did Widmore whisper to Locke?

Ben asks what Widmore said to him. Locke tells him that he said Desmond was a fail safe; that if he killed the “beloved candidates” he was one final way for Jacob to be sure that he would never leave this place.

How does Sawyer die in Lost?

Sawyer and Kate concoct an escape plan, but they are prevented from acting on it when Sawyer is knocked unconscious by Ben. The Others operate on Sawyer, implanting a pacemaker which will malfunction and kill him if his heart rate exceeds 140 beats per minute.

Why did Sayid kill Dogen?

Dogen’s Relationship to the Ash Circles He sends Claire in, knowing Dogen wouldn’t come out himself and would therefore send someone the MiB could manipulate. This person happened to be Sayid and he was manipulated into killing Dogen and drowning him in the pool.

Why did the smoke monster kill the pilot?

Seth Norris (the pilot of flight 815) was murdered by the black smoke because he was communicating with external sources and trying to find a way outside the island.

Is Jacob from Lost God?

Apparently Jacob is a Judeo-Christian God-like figure, the “others” and Richard are his angels, and the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, like many a vessel previously crashed at the island by Jacob, are his human flock.

Is Jacob bad in Lost?

From the start we were made to believe that Jacob is the good guy, however, in Season 5, the last episode, Jacob is the one who brings all people who “fight” and “corrupt” to the Island, while his Nemesis disagrees to this. … So, it’s Jacob who is the bad guy.

Who is the bad guy in Lost?

Ben LinusMYSTERY: Michael Emerson, who plays bad guy Ben Linus on “Lost,” says his character’s strength is his mysteriousness.

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