Quick Answer: Why Didn’T Gandalf Know About The Ring?

Why didnt the ring affect Bilbo?

Frodo also KNEW more of the ring than Bilbo (Gandalf told Frodo whereas with Bilbo he pretty much just kept an eye on the hobbit).

Additionally, Bilbo never sought to DESTROY the ring, thus the Ring had no reason to protect itself from Bilbo and therefore had less of a grip on him..

Why did the ring corrupt Smeagol so quickly?

Smeagol was just unlucky – he found the ring when it was most poweful, was tempted early on to commit a very violent act, and did so, thus sealing his corruption. It’s also implied early on by Gandalf, when talking about Gollum, that the type of ‘Hobbit’ he is/was isn’t quite as peaceful a creature as Bilbo/Frodo/Sam.

Why does Galadriel wear her ring?

Why did Galadriel keep the ring? – Quora. Galadriel had one of the Rings of Power, Nenya, which allowed her to keep all that was within the boundaries of Lothlorien safe from harm by darkness/evil. It also kept everything in Lothlorien from aging. It was all timeless.

Why does Gandalf tell Frodo not to put on the ring?

He doesn’t want the ring to be used – again – by anyone. He’s addressing Frodo, because Frodo is the one in whose care the ring was most recently left. In the words of Galadriel in “The Mirror of Galadriel”: … And as for Gandalf warning him not to use the ring.

How does Gandalf feel about the ring?

Gandalf explains later that he thought it just one of the lesser rings, not very powerful. He becomes suspicious when he sees that Bilbo is not growing any older – he ought to have looked exactly the same when he hands over the ring to Frodo, and only then ages rapidly.

Why are hobbits immune to the ring?

The pull of the ring is not too great on the hobbits because it senses nothing remarkable or exceptional in them. The ring has a will of its own and will work itself towards evil anytime that it can. It takes a strong and stubborn mind to resist it. We see Boromir give in to the will of the ring and he’s only near it.

Why did Bilbo lie about the ring?

In the book, Bilbo lies about how he got the Ring. He felt guilty for ‘stealing’ it from Gollum, and so he made up a story about Gollum giving it to him as a present when he won the riddle game. The Dwarves and Gandalf believed him, and he never claimed he lost the Ring in the war.

What does Bilbo do with his magic ring?

Gandalf tells Bilbo he is not the hobbit he once used to be. … How does Bilbo Baggins still make use of his magic ring? No longer used to perform heroic deeds, Bilbo reserves it to protect him from unwelcome visitors who come calling.

Did Gandalf know about the Balrog?

Gandalf obviously did know about the Goblins and the Balrog. … And he certainly knew all about Balrogs since he was a Maia, who had presumably participated in the War of Wrath when the Balrogs were mostly destroyed. He recognized the Balrog instantly when he saw it, as did Gimli and Legolas.

Where did Gandalf go to learn about the ring?

Gandalf travels to Gondor to find out what he can about the Ring. He finds a manuscript from the hand of Isildur himself, in which Isildur describes the fiery letters that appear on the band of the One Ring if it is heated. Gandalf rushes back to the Shire to find Frodo and test the Ring.

Why did Galadriel not take the ring?

Galadriel refused the One Ring for the same reason that Gandalf did—because she knew that it would corrupt her. Her desires to protect her people and the land, and to do good in the world would have been the very avenues that the Ring would have used to poison her mind.

How does the One Ring corrupt?

His friend and relative Sméagol, who had gone fishing with him, was immediately ensnared by the Ring’s power and demanded that Déagol give it to him as a “birthday present”; when Déagol refused, Sméagol strangled him and took the Ring. It corrupted his body and mind, turning him into the monstrous Gollum.

What if Bilbo never found the ring?

Bilbo didn’t stumble upon it, the ring wanted to be found. Had he not found it there the ring probably would’ve been lost on one of the few trips Gollum took outside at night. … Yep, Gandalf tells Frodo how the ring itself wanted to leave Gollum since he hardly ever left his place under the mountain.

Is Galadriel more powerful than Gandalf?

Galadriel was never more powerful than Gandalf! … Gandalf appeared to be weaker than Galadriel, because he was trapped in a human form and the Valar had placed limitations to the extent of power he could have used. If at all Gandalf had used all his might to deal with Sauron, there would be no Middle-earth left.

Why can’t Sam carry the ring?

Wild fantasies arose in his mind…..in that hour of trial it was the love of his master that helped him most…he knew in the core of his heart that he was not large enough to bear such a burden. Sam knows he cannot bear the Ring or destroy it.

What if Gandalf had taken the One Ring?

Gandalf dared not carry the one ring, because he, with so much power and good, could be easily corrupted. If he took the One Ring, he would strive to use it for good, but while trying to, he would be turned by the ring and therefore become evil.

Why is Galadriel so powerful?

Galadriel was always meant to have a very otherworldly quality. She’s among the most powerful elves in the entire realm of Middle Earth, and her power is enhanced by her beauty and her ethereal nature. To heighten this, Galadriel got an extensive amount of special lighting to make her look especially otherworldly.

Why is it good that Bilbo lost his matches?

Why is it good that Bilbo lost his matches? Because his sword glows in the dark when orcs are near. If Bilbo had his matches, he would have attracted much unwanted attention in the dark. And it might have allowed the unwanted creatures to find him as well.

Why is Gandalf so powerful?

Gandalf possesed Power of the mind and ability to influence people and great wisdom. Gandalf is the wisest of the Maiar. He was known as Olórin, who sometimes dwelt in the gardens of Irmo and was the pupil of Nienna, who taught him wisdom and pity, and of Manwë and Varda.

Why doesn’t Bilbo tell the Dwarves and Gandalf about his ring?

Why doesn’t Bilbo tell the dwarves about he ring? … Bilbo didn’t tell because he wanted to prove himself to the dwarves.

Does the ring affect Gandalf?

Gandalf can’t touch the One ring because it would corrupt him and he would become a terrifying wizard like Saruman. It’s the same reason Galadriel refused the One ring. The One ring can only be worn by Sauron. Anyone else who wields it would be under his control, even Gandalf the grey/ white.