Quick Answer: Why Do They Want Claire’S Baby In Lost?

Why must Claire raise her baby?

Claire will play a major role in season 6 and it was Jacob that paid him off.

Saying that she had to raise him, calling her for months and out of nowhere paying her to go to L.A.

were just mind games.

Most likely orchestrated by Jacob as part of his master plan..

What happened to Claire’s baby on Outlander?

Claire sadly lost her child after going into early labour as she raced to stop Jaime from duelling with Captain Jack Randall (also Menzies). The nurse was rushed to the L’Hôpital des Anges where her baby was stillborn, leaving Claire devastated.

Is Aaron Kate’s baby?

When the Oceanic Six made it to the mainland, Kate presented Aaron as her son to the public. … After 3 years of living with Kate, Aaron was handed over into the care of his maternal grandmother, Carole Littleton, Claire’s mother, while Kate returned to the island in search of Claire.

Why was Kate’s name crossed off?

In “What They Died For”, Jacob explained to Kate that her name was crossed out when she became a mother — and alluded that he was looking for people who were alone in the world to replace him. He also stated that Kate was still eligible and that the names in the cave were just marks drawn with chalk.

Is Jin the father of Sun’s baby?

Finally we found out in the previous episode of LOST that the father of Sun’s baby is Jin, NOT the man she had an affair with. … Juliet takes Sun, in the middle of the night, to a fertility station on the island. That is where Juliet does the ultra-sound on Sun’s baby.

Is everyone dead in Lost?

To put it simply: If you think the characters in Lost were “dead the whole time,” you are wrong. … are all dead. They died in the plane crash of Oceanic Flight 815, and the Island doesn’t actually exist — it’s just a representation of Purgatory where all of the characters are overcoming their personal demons after death.

Who is the father of Kate’s son on Lost?

She raised Aaron Littleton as her son, but she finally decided to return to the Island to rescue his mother, Claire. Once she returned to the Island, Kate was stranded in 1977 with some of the other survivors.

Does Walt die in Lost?

Walt is one of the five original Main Characters still alive at the end of the series. Walt is also one of the few confirmed Oceanic Flight 815 survivors by the end of the series, along with Zach, Emma, Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Aaron, Hurley, Cindy, Rose, Bernard and Vincent.

How does Jamie Fraser die?

One thing that’s been hanging over Outlander since season four — and the reason Brianna traveled back in the first place — is an obituary that says Claire and James Fraser die in a house fire on Fraser’s Ridge.

What did Ethan inject Claire with?

Ethan examines Claire in a Dharma Initiative station called The Staff. He asks her questions about her pregnancy and injects her with Juliet’s serum. Ethan inserts a remote-activated implant that is later used to trigger nausea and bleeding.

Do they get Claire’s baby back in Lost?

They return to the Dharma station, but find it abandoned. Before leaving, Claire tells Rousseau her daughter, Alex (Tania Raymonde), helped her and is still alive. Upon returning to the beach, Aaron is well and Claire has recovered all the lost memories from after her abduction by Ethan.

Does Claire die on Lost?

[Editor’s Note: You know the drill by now. Back in season four, Claire was taken away mysteriously by her dead(?) father, Christian, leaving her son Aaron behind, who was taken off the island by Kate as one of the Oceanic Six. … Later, Locke (the real Locke…

Do Claire and Jamie die in 1776?

The obituary in the book suggests they died in 1776 and the later novels went into more detail about the obituary and its meaning. … But the bottom line is Jamie and Claire will die at some point and their lives are finite.

Did Jamie and Laoghaire consummate their marriage?

Nonetheless, Jamie did have sexual relations with Laoghaire in a bid to make the marriage work but ultimately failed and so the couple separated. Additionally, it seems Jamie was acting of out duty to his new wife however past trauma meant Laoghaire was unable to reciprocate.

Why does Claire wear a wig on Lost?

Her wig is supposed to shock you; it’s designed to contrast with her earlier appearance (pretty, soft, almost delicate.) It also shows how depressed / sad she was, that she stopped caring for her appearance and her surroundings in general.

Does Jin die in Lost?

If you have not seen Wednesday’s episode of “Lost,” stop reading. It was the sigh of relief heard ’round the “Lost” universe: Jin is alive! He’s alive! When “Lost” viewers last saw Daniel Dae Kim’s Jin, he was standing on a freighter that exploded, as his wife, Sun, watched from a helicopter.

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