Quick Answer: Why Does Laurie Blame Charles For What Were Really His Actions?

What in the story leads you to conclude that Laurie was really Charles?

The biggest clue that Laurie is in fact Charles is how Laurie seems to change so quickly from his mother’s “sweet-voiced nursery-school tot” to “a long-trousered, swaggering character who forgot to stop at the corner and wave good-bye to me.”.

How did Laurie feel about Charles hitting the teacher?

Laurie “grinned enormously and said, Today Charles hit the teacher.” … The narrator questions whether or not Charles’s behavior can be true.

How does Laurie seem to feel about Charles?

Laurie’s parents worry that “Charles” is a bad influence on their child. Laurie comes home one day saying that “Charles” and the whole class had to stay after school. The incident seems to upset him more than the other punishments, but he continues to get in trouble.

Why is the ending of the story Charles ironic?

The irony in this story is that the horrible boy Charles in kindergarten with Laurie is really Laurie. Laurie is a troublemaker. His mother should be able to see this, but she is too wrapped up in her complicated life to notice. … The irony is that they are so judgmental of Charles and ignore Laurie’s misbehavior.

What is the moral of the story Charles?

The main theme of Charles is identity, specifically the conflict between the identity Laurie has, the one he wants, and the one his parents think he has. Jackson begins the focus on identity by leaving out important information: the names of the other characters.

What happened to Charles in the middle of the story?

What happens to Charles in the middle of the story? He begins helping the teacher. … Laurie’s parents believe his stories.

What did Laurie’s teacher say about Laurie adjusting to kindergarten?

What did Laurie’s teacher say about Laurie adjusting to kindergarten? We had a little trouble adjusting, the first week or so but now he’s a fine little helper.

Why does Laurie misbehave in school?

The reason behind Laurie’s misbehavior at school is that he is influenced by Charles, who sits beside him in school as there is much synonymity in Charles’ behavior at school and Laurie’s behavior at home like Charles hit the children, disobeys the guidelines of the teacher, similarly, Laurie spills his sister’s milk, …

Do you think that Laurie’s parents can be blamed for his behavior in Charles?

Identity, the parents know what’s wrong with Charles behaviors but they don’t see what’s wrong with Laurie’s behavior. Responsibility, Laurie wanted to do bad things but was to immature to take responsibility for his own actions.

What was the story made by Laurie and who was really Charles?

In Shirley Jackson’s 1948 short story, “Charles,” the main character Laurie is proud of the fictional Charles’s behavior. Laurie invents the character of Charles on his first day of kindergarten….

Why did Laurie invent Charles?

Laurie invented Charles because he is immature and unable to handle the socialization of kindergarten. … Charles was Laurie’s way of telling his parents what he did in kindergarten without actually telling them.

How does Charles behavior change throughout the story?

How does Charles’ behavior vary throughout the story? Laurie describes Charles’ behavior as improving but having occasional setbacks. Laurie describes Charles’ behavior as steadily improving throughout the story. Laurie emphasizes how Charles is always misbehaving even if he’s not caught.