Quick Answer: Will There Be A Season 5 Of Greenhouse Academy?

Who does Elijah end up with?

In the 21st century, Elijah rekindled his relationship with Katerina Petrova aka Katherine Pierce, before ending it to go to New Orleans to help Klaus.

In New Orleans, Elijah has developed feelings for Hayley Marshall, after he promised to protect her and the child she was carrying..

Are Chris O’Neal and Ariel mortman dating?

Chris O’Neal has been in a relationship with Ariel Mortman.

Why did Jackie leave greenhouse?

So, what happened to Jackie on ‘Greenhouse Academy’? At the end of Season 2, it didn’t necessarily seem like Jackie was on the way out. She had spent the better part of the season chasing another mystery and at the end, she was finally ready to step aside for Emma and Max to pursue something.

Who is Ariel mortman dating?

Chrish O’NealAriel Mortman Boyfriend and Marital Status She is focused on her career currently. She seems to be dating with Chrish O’Neal, Greenhouse Academy co-actor.

Do Brooke and Alex get back together Greenhouse?

She also tries to become friends with Alex and bonds with him by making her dad’s famous chocolate cake. She investigates with the others to find out what happened to Leo. Towards the end, Brooke gets back together with Alex and she rejoins the Eagles.

Who is Hayley from greenhouse academy dating in real life?

As of 2020, She is currently dating a man named Sean Benfey.

Does Hayley end up with Leo or Daniel?

Season 4 definitely ties up all the loose ends from the previous seasons and finally solves the Leo-Hayley-Daniel love triangle. While most of the season was entirely predictable, the twist, in the end, is totally worth the watch.

Do Max and Jackie end up together?

He even rejects Emma in the last episode of Season 2 because he it dawns on him that he likes Jackie. He finds her on the beach and confessed to being in love with her. They then proceed to kiss. In S4, we find out Jackie had apparently broke up with him, and he begins to fall in love with Emma sadly.

Does Hayley end up with Elijah?

And when she did, it was like no time had passed. Before Elijah was bitten by Marcel, fans will recall that he and Hayley finally got together. And Haylijah fans will be happy to hear that five years apart hasn’t changed their feelings. Hayley greeted a newly cured Elijah with a welcome home kiss.

Who does Sophie end up with in greenhouse Academy?

RonTowards the end of the season, during the finale, Sophie tries to interrupt a UN meeting, to help distract the attacking thugs and later knocks out one, back to back with Ellali, who then each subsequently high-five each other. At the end of the season, Sophie eventually ends up with Ron.

Why did they change Emma in greenhouse Academy?

However, the audiences binging on Season 3 likely have spotted a glaring alteration: instead of Aviv, it was Dana Melanie performing Emma’s character. For reasons unknown, the producers decided to swap the two actresses, letting go of Aviv and giving the green light to Dana instead.

Do Leo and Hayley get back together?

In episode 5 (Black Smoke), it shows that Hayley comes back. At the end of the episode, their friendship took a sudden turn when they kissed.

Do Max and Emma get together?

Emma then tells Max that she wished to be with him but when Jackie came along, she got jealous. Max then tells Emma the same thing about Leaf. They both then kiss each other and become a couple after realizing that they didn’t want to wait for the perfect moment to happen.

Does Emma come back in greenhouse Academy?

Emma then comes back to the Greenhouse in the last episode of Season 2 and asks Max if they want to be a couple. Max denies and becomes a couple with Jackie instead.

What happened to the blonde girl in greenhouse Academy?

As highlighted by Deadline, the previous Brooke actress – Grace Van Dien – departed from the show thanks to another opportunity. Instead of Greenhouse Academy, she hopped aboard the NBC series The Village, after landing a recurring role; she plays Katie Campbell.

Is Ryan alive in greenhouse Academy?

Ryan makes her final appearance in L.D.R, where it’s discovered that she’s actually live and well, being kept in a stasis pod by Marcus in the Hole.

Are Hayley and Alex twins?

Hayley and Alex are brother and sister in Greenhouse Academy. they both currently attending the Greenhouse Hayley at the Ravens, and Alex at the Eagles.

Does Hayley stay Eagle?

In Season 3, Episode 1, It is shown that the person behind the door is Daniel and that they are now dating. In The Hike, Hayley moves to The Eagles to become a member after a fight with the rest of The Ravens but mainly Leo after wearing an Eagles sweatshirt.

Does Hayley break up with Daniel?

Daniel eventually expresses he has feelings for Hayley, and in the last episode of Season 2 admits it to her. He kisses Hayley, leaving her torn between Leo and Daniel. But the end of the episode leaves us on a cliffhanger, so we do not know who she chooses. There is also the possibility that it is someone else.

Where did Jackie go in greenhouse Academy?

Jackie is first introduced as a bank robbing juvenile delinquent, who is given another chance by being accepted into the Greenhouse. She walked into the exam room in handcuffs and is placed next to Max Miller.

Did Hayley die in greenhouse Academy?

Does Hayley die in season 4? No! At least not in the opening two episodes. While Leo is rushed off to hospital after contracting a mysterious virus in the caves under Greenhouse Academy, Hayley is left trapped in the cave system.